Zora's Domain

Do you like water? Rivers, oceans, lakes, streams, waterfalls, even pools? Then you will love the amazing water - life that abounds in Zora’s Domain, whether it is your first time playing Nintendo’s LOZ (Legend of Zelda) titles with Zora’s Domain in them, or even your thousandth. Zora’s Domain truly is a place of hydro - based therapy for the senses, even if you’re playing it on the smallest screen there is….water is a major essence of life, one of God’s great gifts to man. And to be quite frank, without it, we can’t survive. And of course, the three guardians in the Zelda title, Din, Nayru, and Farore, certainly knew that fact when they shaped and co - created this amazing place...all under an ever - watchful eye of a Higher, Unknown Power abiding over them (which a few Zelda games touch upon, briefly). 

And guess who lives in Zora’s Domain, in each version of this region of land? The Zoras, of course! It is their land to fill and create new life in….water is their ‘playground’. And there sure is lots of it, by the way. (In Ocarina of Time, in fact, there is so much water in Lake Hylia, and Zora’s Domain, that at times, you have to sink underneath and explore...using a water tunic). 

There is a secret entrance to get to Zora’s Domain, found by Zora’s River, in the first place where Zora’s Domain becomes known, in Ocarina of Time. To get inside, you have to be familiar with the tune played by Hyrule’s special ‘Royal Family’. And once inside, you meet all kinds of amazing Zoras, like Ruto (who swears it is your destiny to marry her at some point in the future), Lord Jabu - Jabu (a giant fish deity reverenced by the Zoras), and a few others. The epic essence of calm, relaxing music you listen to, in the background, once you walk around inside Zora’s Domain, is truly worth every second of being there inside. 

You can even buy items from a gift shop right inside, including a blue tunic (the water tunic we mentioned. There is even a high waterfall, up at the very top, where the King of the domain sits (who is Ruto’s father). You can run up there, and jump off, for fun, falling right into the water with a sick - looking dive plunge…..then you can swim around after you have hit the waters. Refresh yourself. Aqua therapy. 

At certain times in the game, later on, you will find Zora’s Domain has frozen over. Then, you cannot swim there. But when you can, enjoy it, pretending that’s “you” in the waters, taking that free plunge from the top. And also, at other moments, a Zora will be up at the top of the waterfall, and for a certain amount of Rupees, you can play his game (which is to dive off the top, land in the water, and collect as many Rupees as you can, before time runs out...do so and you will get a nice, little surprise reward). 

Ruto, in addition, ends up being the Water Sage, later in this game. Ocarina of Time Zora’s Domain is still my favorite version. It was the first, and best, in my view, Zora’s Domain ever….but there are a few others to be aware of, too……

In addition, Zora’s Domain shows up in “The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess” also. You can find it when you are at the Lanayru Province, one of three major provinces in the land. Hyrule’s main source of water, in this game as well, comes from Zora’s Domain. And thus, when any source of water becomes polluted, frozen over, blocked, or anything else, it’s never good. Link, to the rescue! 

Snowpeak connects itself to Zora’s Domain, in this game only. So you get an area that’s all about water, and an area that’s all about ice, placed conveniently nearby each other. Nice, isn’t it? Good thought.

Lakebed Temple, in Twilight Princess, is similar to the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time. And both involve making some point of contact around Zora’s Domain. They both look entirely different from one another, though, like peas and oranges…..

Also, you can witness Zora’s Domain in “The Legend of Zelda : A Link Between Worlds”, and in this game, instead of a Zora King sitting upon his throne there, you see a Zora Queen, respectively. Queen Oren takes the stage here, and she is no less accompanied by her ever - faithful Underlings, which attend to her every whim. In this particular game, it seems a Shady Guy (yes, that is what they call him) has stolen a very rare and special gem from her. And Link has to help get it back.

Once he does so, the Zora’s give him his Zora Flippers. They are unbelievably thankful. He has earned their trust (as is not uncommon for him to do, in every single game). 

Ganon is in this game, too, holding the evil that has come over the domain. And so is Yuga. Both evil foes must be stopped. And, of course, Queen Oren must be later taken out of a painting she’s been trapped in….quite a turn of events, indeed.

Within the Lanayru Region, once again, but this time in “The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild”, you may find yet another Zora’s Domain. It’s not too far from the Akkala Region. But in this game, Zora’s Domain is ruled by Sidon, a Zora Prince, and by his sister Mipha, and, of course, their father, King Dorephan. Instead of a massive beast going by the name of Jabu - Jabu (as you see in Ocarina of Time), there is one called Divine Beast Vah Ruta, this time around…..but he is no less to be revered. 

There you have it : That’s Zora’s Domain. And it’s never exactly the same in any two Zelda Nintendo games. That is the beauty of it all!