Goron City

Yes, at last we come to it, that faithful city of old….no, we’re not talking about Gorilla City, like in the Flash, where Grodd builds his temple. We’re not even talking about Maxa City, where rock people inhabit many fantasy books as well. We’re talking about Goron City, this time, and it’s a place that has seen many different Hylian faces in the Legend of Zelda (Nintendo gaming franchise made for all ages). And in particular, we will analyze two versions of Goron City, which faithful players like yourselves may be familiar with --- I know both versions have certainly grown on me, and Zelda would not be the same without these epic constructions of cities ; they have painted a wonderful picture for me of what it is to be immersed in the world of Legend of Zelda. 

Ocarina of Time’s Version of Goron City 

Goron City was born in this game, literally speaking : The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time was the very title that first introduced everyone to such a city and its rock - loving, warm, strong people of old. It all started here. And for many who love both new and old Zelda games, this version of Goron City remains the one that is most remembered, still. 

This Goron City is up north of Kakariko Village, in the game, just by Death Mountain and its crater. It’s a city that the hero, known as child Link, must pass through during the early part of his quest….in order to save the land from destruction that’s coming soon. In Goron City, Link first meets many Gorons and gets his Goron Tunic, later on, which helps him get through fire - intense areas (like the Fire Dungeon, later found in the game, which he’ll get through as an adult). 

The chief of this small, rock - mountain city is Darunia, leader of the gorons and, as you may later come to find out in the game (massive spoiler alert ahead, do not read if you have not played and don’t wish to ruin it), is actually one of the sages (the Sage of Fire). Darunia is hard and tough on the outside, playing the role of a fierce leader ; but on the inside, he is truly as soft as a butternut jelly, if you can picture that. After Link manages to help him, on more than one single occasion, in this game, Darunia almost literally crushes his back with the fiercest, warmest ‘bro hug’ that could ever be given….Link barely grasps for his breath but manages to survive. Darunia and Link truly bond as brothers, and it all gets started at Goron City. 

You get to play Zelda’s Lullaby, too, in Goron City. Heck, even when you’re an adult, and still in the area, you can do so as well. There’s so many ways to progress in this game, and at some point, you have to go through this city….. 

Breath of the Wild’s Version of Goron City 

First off, we come to the latest iteration of Goron City as seen in the Wii-U / Switch Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild game. It’s located in Hyrule, as it was before, but now you can find it within Eldin Canyon this time around. 

This Goron City has its differences from the original, Ocarina of Time version...make no mistake about it. Try not to look at it in terms of ‘good or bad’ differences, as countless players can spend all day disagreeing on, but rather, some differences to note….and leave it at that. Speaking of these differences, the first would be that this city is actually connected to a metal drawbridge this time around. Perhaps it’s because it’s set in a different era than Ocarina of Time was, and things have progressed historically….not to mention technologically, too. 

This Goron City is also, like, at least 100 times more volcanically active...so player, take caution. It’s not like playing through the original Goron City, where you would not have to worry about fire and volcanoes until you got inside of the mountain, so to speak. Here, you can see the volcanic activity even from farther away, and the visual graphics depicting it certainly look more surreal than ever before --- it’s like you’re actually there, right smack dab up close and personal to a living volcano. It’s the coolest feeling ever, putting myself in the player’s eye --- and yes, I certainly have played it myself as well…..

This Goron City’s a lot less secluded and lies more out in the open than the last one. I guess the Gorons have come to trust humanity a bit more and now have nothing to hide, but that’s just a fan theory that’s circulating. But anywho, you can also get all kinds of shop items here, like in the last version ; here, you can even buy Fire and Ice Arrows from a Goron salesman at the Goron Gusto Shop --- pretty cool. 

Quick Closing Thought

There’s Goron City for you, and it’s never short of a few surprises. This fantasy city still lives in the heart of many players. I’m one of them. Long live those rocky Gorons and their city!

And if you’ve never picked up a Zelda console game before, have your first try and play Ocarina of Time or Breath of the Wild. You will love the sceneries that these games can take you to, and Goron City is just one of them. Check it all out.