Snowhead Temple

Snowhead Temple, a winter time boss dungeon and the second of four major ones in Nintendo’s N64 sequel hit, The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask, quickly picks up from where that last dungeon, Woodfall Temple, seems to have left off...Link has just defeated Odolwa and collected more courage, not to mention inventory, than before. He is now moving forward in his quest to find the evil skull kid who cursed him, took his horse, and now threatens to drop the moon onto the land of Termina in 3 days, leaving nothing alive… no pressure, Link, but you can do it! It’s the only hope the people have, one they can surely count on…..

Snowhead Temple, however, won’t be quite as easy to get to as Woodfall Temple was...and that itself can be quite discouraging. But when you play the game, you will find that it’s still possible. You just have to realize that there’s a giant Goron who happens to be blowing a massive blizzard out of his mouth, as breath, and is thus blocking you from getting close to the temple at all...much less getting inside, where you need to be. So you (as Link) then find the Goron’s Mask and get the ability to transform yourself into a Goron, and even roll around like one, at will. 

You do so, and then make it all the way up Snowhead, far enough away to where the blizzard is not blowing you back (while you’re in Goron form). Then, you pull out your drums and play a song that lulls him right into sleep, which so happens to knock him off the edge of where he’s sitting….right into an empty abyss below. Hopefully, he’s alright and will come back again. Now, you can roll your way as a Goron, right up to the temple, and get inside. 

The moment you’re inside, you’re attacked by a nasty white Wolfos creature, the first foe you need to take out. Do so, and you’ll get your first key in that very same room, by which you can unlock a locked door in the room and move ahead. Hurry, time is of the essence here --- because I probably didn’t mention that you only have 3 days to beat this dungeon and save your progress so that the game doesn’t require you to start all over again on it. And if you still haven’t saved your progress at an owl statue, from the last dungeon of Woodfall Temple, then you’d better do so now….you wouldn’t want to have to get to Odolwa again, and then fight him once more, now, would you? 

Here, you mostly play through in Goron form...and thank goodness for that. I don’t think poor child Link is made for all the blows, rolls, tosses and turns he has to encounter….better to do so as a strong, able Goron. The mystical Fire Arrow is what you find here, and now, you can turn back into child Link, in certain areas where it’s truly needed, and shoot off that bow in order to melt some ice in several places. Aim carefully, and watch your magic meter as it will drop lower for every shot you aim and make. It will also drop whenever you spend a lot of time rolling forward as Goron Link, so use it wisely; if you are ever low on magic, like with almost any other Zelda game, just smash a few open pots near you (which will abound in this particular dungeon, by the way, hint hint….) and you’ll be able to get all kinds of goodies, usually hearts, arrows, magic, and more. 

This legendary temple’s got 4 floors and a basement, to make things a challenge. You must step on switches as a Goron, move around numerous ice blocks, battle ice keese, take down more Wolfos, and more in order to survive, remembering that the main reason you came here is at the top of the dungeon….where you need to get access to. That’s where the final boss will lie for Snowhead Temple, and getting his defeated remains (just like you did for Odolwa) will not come half as easily as your last matchup…..

Curl up into a ball, and hurl yourself forward, at the most rapid pace that you can, in order to jump off ramps and access those harder to get to places. You’ll learn to more perfectly time your technique, especially that trickier last minute jump right before you hit the edge of any runway you pick up speed on. Like I said, you’ll learn. It’ll become second nature to you, hopefully, by the time you’re in the game’s fourth and final dungeon, Stone Tower Temple…..but until then, there’s plenty of room to practice, and you’ve got a long ways to go in perfecting your skills. 

Once you get that Boss Key, you’ll square off with Goht in a fight for life. Hold on, Link! This giant bull - goat, mechanical creature has been the cause of Snowhead’s recent curse, so he has to go down. Shoot the ice block around his frozen corpse, first of all --- and you’ll regret you did so --- which will then thaw him off and spring him into action….pitting goron against bull - goat - thing. There’s only one way to end him; as he runs around the room like a raging bull, you have to roll around behind him but faster, hitting any nearby pots so that you can get magic power replenishments and not run out of speed. Then, what you have to do is crash right into him, using the Goron spikes that come out with greater speed. This’ll wound him. 

Repeat the process. Be patient, and watch out not to get hit by him as well, or you’ll get hurt, too. In time, he will drop and fall apart, and you can pick up his remains.