Ganon's Castle

Author: Efrain Silva

Ganon’s Castle, aka Ganondorf’s castle or lair, is the final stop you will make when playing through to the end of The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time. It’s the final curtain call to wrap up all curtain calls, the place where the very last show - down occurs. This time, it’s all or nothing….you’ve played this far. Are you ready to see how it all ends? We can only hope so. Hyrule is now in your hands to save….you must not fail, or it will be over.

Ganon's Castle: Finally

After finally having collected all stones, medallions, weapons and items, not to mention having slain all major foes in the way and rescued all sages, Link is ready to confront Ganondorf in person…..especially after having been unable to recently stop him from kidnapping Zelda.  He is challenging him to a final match in his evil castle. With nothing else in his way to stop him, Link heads directly over there, which shows itself to be an evil, corrupted and fully darkened, lifeless makeover of what the original Hyrule Castle was just 7 years ago (when Link was only a boy and his adventure was merely starting). 

Ominous Castle

This dark gray and black castle, surrounded by a smoke halo and ominous clouds, not to mention a darkened sky, is where Ganondorf resides...and plays his evil organ. You may not know this, but just to the right of the castle’s front entrance, there’s a white, bricked structure holding a hidden skulltula, which you can easily collect. Guide Link there and pick it up; once you’re ready, continue forward at your own risk, knowing you only live once….unless, of course, you happen to have collected a few fairy bottles and kept them handy. I know I did when I played through Ganon’s Castle. It does certainly come in handy since, in the event that you should lose yourself and have a “Game Over” screen come up, the fairy in the bottle will come out and resurrect you...letting you keep playing right where you were at when you did, not having you start all over. 

Ganon's Castle: Bridge

You’ll also see a cool little cut scene here, in which the castle’s main bridge has been cut off, thereby removing your access to it. Yet the six sages kick in and help you out there, creating a bridge by which you can cross to the other side and enter. And upon entering the central room, energy beams will appear, which have the potential to shoot laser from their eyes and burn you to death; throw bombs at them to blow their heads off and continue. You’ll find the next part to be quite intriguing and challenging altogether, something never done for any Zelda game before the release of this one…..

Energy Beams

What you’ll run into next is this : Different energy beams, if you will, all being properly channeled into one centralized structure, which therefore makes a properly guarded, cut - off point by which your character will not be able to access until all the beams have been removed. So can you guess what must be done next? Yes….remove those beams, one by one, by entering different rooms color - coded in accorded with the medallions you have previously collected.

Ganon's Castle: Challenges

In other words, the red room will represent the Fire Temple, and the green room will embody the Forest Temple, and so on and so forth. Many characteristics and foes have been directly taken from these past dungeons and incorporated into here, so remember your training….and all you’ve been through up until now. Don’t lose heart (or lose your hearts, ha ha), Link! Get yourself through the Forest Barrier, the Fire Barrier, the Water Barrier, the Shadow Barrier, the Spirit Barrier and the Light Barrier., one by one, in order to knock every beam down and reach Ganondorf.

Then, once you’ve succeeded in doing so (and I knew you would), you’ll get access to the central structure found in Ganon’s Castle. Once you enter it, you’ll first come into the Central Room, with a few fire keese there to greet you; simply feel free to ignore them, outrun them, or just kill them off quickly. And after you climb some stairs, getting that daily exercise you need, you’ll come face - to - face with Dinolfos, Lizalfos’ cousins. They can be defeated in the same general way that the Lizalfos were, so don’t be afraid of them; just move quickly and with a purpose, being patient for your turn to strike.

Ganon's Castle: The Climb

Climb more stairs, defeat two more happily waiting Stalfos, and then get the treasure chest key that’ll unlock the Boss Door you need to open. Climb even more stairs, take down a couple Iron Knuckles, then climb some more stairs and enter a door….of which you think Ganondorf might or might not be on the other side of. Let’s hope. 

Nope, it looks like another false alarm, at least for now….just another empty room with nothing but pots in them. If you’re low on weapons, health or anything else, strike down the pots and refill now, while you still can….because what’s coming is rough. Enter the right - hand side door for the final stairs you need to climb, then enter at the top to encounter Ganondorf in person.

Ganondorf: Round One

You’ll then see a cutscene with a very short conversation between you and Ganondorf, before which he then engages you in battle. Ready? This is the moment you’ve long awaited. Believe in your abilities, and may that not fail you…..

After defeating Ganondorf in his first round, he then collapses and uses his remaining force to send the castle crashing down on you and Zelda. Escape. You only have a few seconds to do so, and enemies will try to stop you. 

Ganon: Final Battle

Once outside, Ganondorf will get back up, only this time as Ganon, the beast that has been lying within Ganondorf’s body the whole time. Defeat Ganon, using everything you know, and you’ll have beaten the game. We hope you had fun. 

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