The Happy Mask Salesman

By: Efrain Silva About the Salesman Himself

Have you ever heard of this happy camper type of guy? Well, if his name didn’t give away his personality entirely, let me tell you a little bit more….he is happy, and he sells masks. BUT HE IS SO MUCH, SO MUCH ELSE…..

You see him, and even characters that resemble him, across different Legend of Zelda titles. But one of the most memorable appearances, one of the first he ever made, in fact, was with The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask, the smash sequel N64 hit of the new millennium, breaking as many records as its predecessor (Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time) did. In Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask, the Happy Mask Salesman’s role is super critical to both the storyline, your success in the game, and even the happiness and health of the Land of Termina (where the game now takes place in). Termina is a land full of good and bad creatures, but pretty soon, as you come to find out from the Happy Mask Salesman, all creatures alike under its moon will soon face wrath and destruction!

Yes, Judgement Day is indeed coming, and is quick near the doors, as it seems one very important, evil mask was stolen from this salesman, by a cruel little skull kid imp and his two ferocious sidekick fairies (which look or sound not too different from your own Navi, from the previous game --- remember her?). And since the skull kid got ahold of this mask, it seems the spirit of the mask, an evil curse, to put it lightly, has consumed his thoughts, heart and actions...possessing him, even, so that he tells the moon (hovering over Termina) to fall and destroy all life underneath it, within 3 days.

And if you’ve guessed it by now, that is exactly where your adventure takes you here : To get the Happy Mask Salesman’s mask back before that time...and to stop the skull kid, hopefully destroy this “Majora’s Mask” and its curse, and save everyone...managing to make many people happy along the way, indeed. And anyways, in The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask, the Happy Mask Salesman is one of the very first people that you talk to and, interestingly enough (perhaps a few players of the game themselves have not even caught this, nor the fact that one of his masks is a Mario mask, created after Nintendo’s beloved mascot, so to speak...and I do say that in a good way), he is also the last.

Some have not noticed it, nor paid much heed to it. But the Happy Mask Salesman resembles the beginning and end of the quest (and some would argue, of all quests, in general). And 24 (interestly enough, and I did do the research to find this) is a symbolic number for completion. So when all of his 24 masks are collected, perfect harmony and balance, and infinite happiness, are brought to the owner of all masks. And since the Happy Mask Salesman is the owner of each of these, it is thus his will and duty to guard each mask and keep it safe (this does not include the evil Majora’s Mask...there are 24 masks in the game that you must collect, not this one which you must later destroy).

Some think of the Happy Mask Salesman as the Wise Owl from other Zelda games, especially the previous title (Ocarina of Time)....but in human form. It’s an interesting comparison and theory. Who knows? But what we do know, anyways, is that the adventure begins and ends with this special mask collector...and he is central to all of it.

About each of the 24 masks that you can get in The Legend of Zelda : Majora’s Mask
  1. Deku - One of the four “special masks of transformation”. Transforms you into a Deku Scrub.
  2. Goron - One of the four “special masks of transformation”. Transforms you into a Goron.
  3. Zora - One of the four “special masks of transformation”. Transforms you into a Zora.
  4. Fierce Deity - One of the four “special masks of transformation”. Transforms you into a super - powered adult.
  5. Postman's Hat - Lets you access mailboxes.
  6. All-Night Mask - Lets you stay awake.
  7. Blast Mask - Lets you blast (bomb) stuff.
  8. Stone Mask - Lets you go “unnoticed” by certain enemies.
  9. Great Fairy's Mask - Lets fairies come to you.
  10. Keaton Mask - Summons Keaton.
  11. Bremen Mask - Lets you summon / command small creatures and march them around.
  12. Bunny Hood - Makes you move way faster you run around the place.
  13. Don Gero's Mask - Lets you speak to frogs across the land.
  14. Mask of Scents - Lets you detect “clues” and whereabouts of treasure, and more, through the wonderful sense of smell.
  15. Romani's Mask - Lets you get into that elusive “Milk Bar” late at night (when so many others have tried but been denied a membership).
  16. Circus / Troupe Leader's Mask - Can talk to anyone in relation to the Circus Leader, with this mask on, and evoke their strongest emotion...can also be worn to fend off the Gorman Brothers as you protect the Milk Cart that Cremia delivers.
  17. Kafei's Mask - Can help you gather clues as to Kafei’s whereabouts (and some may even confuse you for him).
  18. Couple's Mask - Gives you a Heart Piece. Lets you talk to certain folk in the Mayor’s Office to get a different response from each of them.
  19. Mask of Truth - Lets you talk to every single Sheikah Stone around the land.
  20. Kamaro's Mask - Lets you dance in a way that stuns the Rosa Sisters, and they reward you with a Heart Piece.
  21. Gibdo Mask - Makes ReDeads dance around. Helps you talk to Gibdos.
  22. Garo's Mask - Lets you pass Ikana Canyon as Garo.
  23. Captain's Hat - Makes many “Stalchildren” your close followers (as they confuse you for their real captain). Also helps you learn that glorious Song of Storms once more.
  24. Giant's Mask - Lets you literally turn into a giant! (What a cool mask, right?)

Final thoughts?

Meet the Happy Mask Salesman yourself! Get a personal feel for his winning personality and his wisdom. But most importantly, for the sake of all that Termina holds dear, help him get those masks back...and destroy Majora’s Mask!