Gerudo Training Ground

Author: Efrain Silva

The Gerudo Training Ground, within Ocarina of Time (N64 game title) is certainly still one of the most memorable video game places you could ever lose yourself in… takes you away to a place where the roughest pirates are trained and sent into action. The Gerudo pirates and thieves, by the way, are mostly all female. But still, that is no reason to mess with them….they will kick anyone’s butt, even on their worst day.

These female thieves are the best in their class, trained to be in perfect physique for any stealth assignment they get sent to. And on their Training Ground, you will learn your lesson if you are not careful ; get caught once, while sneaking around there, and you could be sent to their prison fortress (which is still in the same area… a giant, walled - off place by which you have to use the hookshot weapon to get yourself up and away, by means of a window opening at the top….just aim for the bullseye and don’t miss). These pirate thieves are always on high alert, sneaking around in every room is what you need to do to evade them. Do not be seen….though, at times, you will (for instance, when trying to open up chests, unlock certain prisoners, get keys, etc.), and when they see you, they will want to fight --- do not worry, just use your speed, your sword and your shield, and strike at every chance you get….enough strikes, and each Gerudo will succumb from the pain, leaving the room (and flashing you blind with Deku nuts as they do so). 

These women are dressed in white. They cover their faces. Their hair dark red, passionate in flaming ember colors. Once you free all the prisoners, and eventually get a little further in this game, they’ll actually have respect for you and let you pass through the entire Gerudo Valley area, including the training ground, of which we’re now going to talk about in a bit of detail…..

Gerudo Training Ground: A Place to Learn

The Training Ground, as we mentioned, is basically like their ‘gym’ or their hot spot...where they truly learn all the skills to become the best Gerudos out there. Think of the everyday fitness center, but only a thousand times harder --- and with elements and foes that can get you killed. Fun, right? Since it’s all within a fictional video game, I’d say “Oh yeah”. 

The best part is this : You can play through the Gerudo Training Ground mini - dungeon, as many times as you want, to really sharpen up your skills in this game. And for only 10 rupees, to help with regular upkeep costs, I suppose, you can get in and start training. You’ve got a variety of great rooms to train in, too, and let’s talk about that…..starting off with the Stalfos Room.

Gerudo Training Ground: Stalfos Room

The Stalfos Room first shows off a spike trap, that you have to avoid, as soon as you get in ; then, the key is to keep moving, because if you stop moving for any reason, you will sink in the sand that you’re moving across. Move quickly, then. Two Stalfos then show up, in this same room (hence the name ‘Stalfos Room’, which many now call it….). Your next task follows, which is to kill them both in less than one minute ; multi - task, pace yourself, and take down one at a time (while dodging the other).

You get the first Small Key for the Training Ground once they’re dead in less than a minute. The treasure chest that opens up will allow you to get it. Then, you have to go to a ‘Silver Rupee Room’, in which another time challenge awaits you, as well, and this time you have to kill a Wallmaster. Remember these guys? They’re like giant hands, which can hurt you and move you around, and scare the living wits out of you, too.

It's All Fun

You run up ramps, evade boulders, and grab rupees, here. It’s all fun. It’s all a part of the sweat in the workout (or finger sweat, for you). 

Next up, there comes a Wolfos Room. It’s like the Stalfos Room but with three Wolfos. You first have to kill off two, and then another one that arises (the latter one being a White Wolfos instead). Use your Lens of Truth to uncover a hidden area, here, and hit the target up with the longshot. Go into the next room, through the door there, after hitting that switch.

Large Statue Room

Also, here’s where the fun really starts to happen : In this very next room, called the “Large Statue Room”, you have to watch your aim, perfecting your accuracy, and shoot up four different eyes (which, as you probably guessed, are all placed on various sides of the same statue). Do this as you’re spinning. The challenge is great. Do not miss either. 

Once you shoot all four eyes, you get another treasure chest to appear out of thin air and allow you to get your second Small Key. Then, you go through the next door and easily get the third from another chest. No real challenge there. But wait…..

Once you return to the lower floor, and unlock yet another door, with that extra Small Key, you come into the Fire Enemies Room, which is mostly run by Fire Slugs and their buddies, Fire Keese. Watch out. Kill both, and you get another treasure chest appearing. Open it, go through the next door, then hit the statues with your Megaton Hammer. Jump on the button, get another chest opening up with your next Small Key, then go through the new door.

The Lava Room

Then comes the Lava Room. The goal here is to not die, at least, not without having gotten the 5 silver rupees inside. Remember how much of a pain these challenges can be? Well, let this serve as a due reminder…..

There’s a few more rooms. You got this, though. Believe in yourself, true player!

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