Fire Temple

Author: Efrain Silva

Within the glorious Fire Temple, another beautifully elaborated dungeon challenge found within The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link now finds himself going back to a place he thought he was done with….Death Mountain Crater, from which he enters the Fire Temple in search of an old friend he met when he was a child. This time, it’s a rescue mission. And this time, once again, the Hero of Time (who is Link, of course) is up for his challenge….but will it be his last? 

Wear The Goron Tunic - It's HOT!

Donning the Goron Tunic, which makes him entirely insusceptible to extremely hot fire and lava temperatures, he is able to move about and breathe while inside the temple….looking for his old friend, Darunia. This temple is literally an active volcano that contains all kinds of lava environments inside of it, not to mention countless locked doors to which Link must find the keys if he wishes to progress. Fun, fun, right? 

Free Some Gorons

One of the first of Link’s many challenges here will be to free several types of Gorons who have been imprisoned in many cells inside the temple, finding the keys to their cells, one by one, and then opening them and getting advice from them on what to do next….he helps them, and they help him. And ultimately, the hero is one step closer to rescuing and restoring Hyrule. Then, Link makes his way to the Flare Dancer, that elusive mini - boss he has been waiting to encounter within this dungeon. And his name tells you exactly what he is and does; he dances around Link in attempts to set him on fire and kill him, and he is, overall, a burning flare….that dances around and around, and around, very quickly and confusingly, so as to make you dizzy (as you play as Link). 

Fire Temple: Megaton Hammer

After defeating this rather annoying foe, Link opens up a treasure chest in the room and finds his Megaton Hammer, a highly useful weapon the likes of which he has never seen or owned before. He will keep this in mind as it comes in handy. And it so does, striking down many heavy blocks, ground switches made of stone, and countless other obstacles found in the way. Link will not let himself be beaten. It’s time to hammer things into action! 

There’s also higher floors inside the dungeon, in which greater challenges and obstacles make themselves known. One of them is the awful fire wall maze, and other fire walls along the way; these are often unavoidable, and if Link runs right into them, he’ll lose a small bit of his health and be caught off guard. So as the player, do watch out, and remember everywhere you bad move can cost you your life, or should I say Link’s? 

Fire Temple: The Architecture

The architecture here is quite symmetrical all - around. Also, in this Fire Temple, Link can use his Scarecrow’s Song to summon his scarecrow friend and use him as a hookshot target, to help him access new areas. But watch out for boulders; yes, you heard correctly, boulders.

What I mean are those giant brown rocks that tend to roll around in many rooms and can crush you on impact, taking out a part of your heart health as they do so. Not something you want Link to have to go through, right? I didn’t think so. But wait. There’s other opponents and obstacles you need to keep your eyes peeled for, such as door mimics; these are the worst.

Fake Doors

Door mimics are ‘fake doors’, just as their name might tell you. These look exactly like real doors, but when Link walks up to them to pull their handle and open them, they either explode or fall down and break on Link, taking more of his health away and giving him the fright of his life….if that were possible, because Link is quite the brave and fearless soul. Fire Keese also roam the halls and rooms of this particular temple of fire, and they are just basically little ‘cute’ bats that can bite or burn. They fly around quickly and can scare you if you don’t see them coming; just use Link’s bow and arrows to shoot them from a distance, after having spotted and Z - targeted them, and all will be well.

Or if they get close enough, and you haven’t pulled out the old Master Sword in awhile, slash away at them. Believe me. They’ll feel the sting of your blade and won’t want anymore, falling down dead. And did I tell you about the Like Likes? Boy, you are in for a treat…..

Don't Loose Your Shield

The Like Likes are disgusting - looking creatures that look like giant, fat, upright worms and can swallow you whole...chewing you up, along with a bit of your health, and then spitting you out. Once they spit you out, depending on how lucky you are, you may find that they have swallowed up your shield. Many times, you can just stick them through with your Master Sword, and they’ll die….eventually opening up and revealing that shield you lost, which you can just pick back up and keep using. 

Too bad Link can’t just wipe off the germs before reusing, right? But good thing it’s just a game and not reality. We can all take a breather in knowing that….

Fire Temple Boss - Volvagia

At the end, before rescuing Darunia, Link will run into Volvagia, who is a massive fire - breathing dragon greater than the ones you may have heard of in tales of old….think of medieval stories, to the max, and add the best of them together, and you’ve got the fire boss from the Fire Temple. With this foe, Link has to combine his hookshot, Master Sword, shield, Megaton Hammer and more to fight to the death….lava platform style. 

Guess what? Link wins again, this time claiming his rightful medallion. Another friend has been rescued, and another portion of evil has been removed from Hyrule. Link is a step closer…..

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