Skyview Temple

The Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword is one game you could certainly say holds amazing symbolism and spiritual undertones within it though all games of this type do. If you ever picked up a controller and played some Zelda, you will already know what I mean : Zelda games are chock full of inspiring messages, tales of old and something we can learn from all of it --- not to mention some addicting horseback riding maneuvering and some hovering / gliding, along with great swordplay action. Heck, if you can even make it to the bow, a usual weapon in these games, then you are luck….shoot away your tensions on some unsuspecting foes you come up to. It’ll make you feel better and perhaps even prepare you to go back into the office, next week, and start another stressful work week.  

And speaking of the tremendous imagery and symbolic depth within the legend of Zelda, if there was ever a game that carried this, like no one’s business, it would certainly be Skyward Sword, which came out for the Wii back in 2011, respectively, Skyview Temple being its first main dungeon with a boss, treasure chests, and other challenges. But you might wonder what makes all the game so symbolic, in the first place? You have to start from the beginning, and Zelda’s got a rich history that goes back to the 1980’s, when its first 2D title, The Legend of Zelda (NES) came out. And since then, Nintendo has chosen to go in the direction of adding some spiritual storyline and character depth, throughout each game to follow, even mixing it into some of its original bosses and dungeons. 

And when you go into the Skyview Temple your first time, you will know that destiny is calling. It will become your very first opportunity to show that you have the courage to master any obstacle, and that you are the Hero of Time assigned for this task. And though many times it will get harder than you think you can bear, you will come to learn that the Triforce symbol on your hand is calling you, for a reason, indicating that you are special ---- this is your mission. But before we get to all that, and further into the storyline, let’s start where I said we should….at the very beginning.

And if you hope to make any true progress, then you have to man up and start off at Skyward Temple. Here in this temple, now armed with sword and shield, you are ready to proceed and find out what lies further ahead. Can you make it? I believe so. Don’t back down, and don’t look back…..

Surrounded by a beautiful, outside bright green area with sunshine, plenty of grass and gorgeous skies, lies this temple (also called a dungeon, however you want to refer to it as). This temple you will find in the Deep Woods. This game and its temples (similarly to the last one, Twilight Princess) certainly blend a taste of the ancient world with all the ‘tech’ that the modern one has to offer. And in this temple, you get to see what I mean as you get your hands on your first temple weapon, the Beetle ; this invaluable little tool is good for controlling, remotely from a distance, and guiding in the air as you choose to place it onto any other object or simply land it elsewhere. 

Think of it as a modern hovercraft drone that you can pilot, nowadays, but something similar for the old age….something that perhaps was run by magic or something like that. Back then, it wasn’t ‘technology’. It was simply ‘magic’. There is a difference, I guess. The Beetle, all in all, makes for an amazing weapon, and this temple is the very first Zelda temple to show a product like this one…..that you can control like a remote - controlled AR drone or helicopter ; it is a very cool concept, to say the least, and fans have picked up on it right away, sometimes getting addicted to all the possibilities available to them through this fun little drone - like object.

I know that when I first got it, playing through this temple, I simply had to have some fun with it first. I could not put it down. It really was addicting, and it felt like I owned my own expensive air drone ; that made me feel like I saved a few thousand dollars on having to buy a real one and get a pilot’s license to legally fly it. 

In this particular temple, there is also a Stalfos mini - boss that will wait his turn in line, just to have a crack at you. He is a big skeleton that you may have seen before, if you binge on playing Zelda like I have. He is not too hard, though, a slight challenge for you when starting out ; he carries his sword and shield with him, but you can learn your timing technique better and better as you go along in the game, striking him when he is open. Hit him again as you can find an opening. Keep doing it, and he will give up --- congratulations, you have now stopped the first mini - boss, dead in its tracks, in The legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword, but the fight is not done.

Now, you get to Ghirahim, the evil dark prince, of whom you will find the rest of this game is about. He is a practicer of the dark magic arts, a sorcerer and magician who will stop at nothing until his mission is complete, which in this case, is to take you and Zelda out of his way, in order to bring his old master back to life. Sound familiar? Beat him in this first dungeon, but he’ll be back…..and he will later regret having toyed with you, and gone so ‘easy’ in this first encounter.