Prince Sidon - Zelda

The Zelda series and what it’s all about, in a brief nutshell….

If you have ever heard of the name Prince Sidon recently, then, no, you are not going crazy: It is, in fact, a very real name used in the Legend of Zelda fictional series. To many people, it is a real person because his very character embodies a lot of good in this world.  

First of all, close your eyes and gently relax: Let me take you to a place I know you may not have been to before, a place called the Land of the Free, a place known as the Land of the Zorra people, a special water tribe known to no other region than Hyrule, the land of legends. The Land of the Zorras is carefully placed amidst a much larger realm that is watched over by four special guardians, whose fate it is to keep the land of Hyrule forever secure. That is, until the day evil should rise and a hero should stand up to vanquish it; and mystic legends tell that the name of the hero is Link, a young boy with a calling to save the world. Link, in many different generations and versions of the Legend of Zelda games, respectively, arises in different forms, time and time again, to take down the evil force known as Gannon (sometimes calling himself Ganondorf, Desire, Ganon with only one n, and other names). 

More on the storyline and the role that Prince Sidon begins to play within it….

And the Zorra people, of which Prince Sidon is a major contributor, certainly help Link and the Princess of Hyrule, Princess Zelda, to this end. Their goal is likewise to stand for peace and safety, in addition to all that is good in the world of Hyrule --- even protecting outside realms as well. He who controls Hyrule, in this sense, can rule the world. And Gannon has tried many a time to seize Hyrule for himself, mainly by means of collecting ---- or attempting to collect, I should rather say ---- three special pieces that, when joined together, form a holy Triforce in unity. And the Triforce pieces each represent a different value; one is for Wisdom, the Triforce of Wisdom.

The other embodies great Courage and is thus known as the Triforce of Courage. Last but not least, we have Power, and the Triforce of Power is currently the one Gannon manages to get his hands on first every time --- usually lacking the qualities of the other two. What I mean is this: He is able to get power but lacks restraint, wisdom, love, courage and the other balancing elements so vitally contained within the other two Triforces. All that Gannon knows is power and dominance, along with the great potential for evil and corruption that power and dominance can carry. His heart is impure in every way, and he only seeks to murder and ravage, putting himself on the throne above every other being alive, even making himself his own “god”; as you can already tell, Gannon is nothing but a ruthless pig, and in fact, that’s what he literally is as well.

Yes, Gannon is a pig creature, a nasty giant hog of destruction. However, he has taken on other forms in different games. But either way, every time he resurfaces in a new generation, he still appears as ugly and grotesque as he was in the prior version. He truly doesn’t change on the inside, only on the outside. 

Sidon himself? A brief character study…. 

Now how does Prince Sidon further come into play in all of this, helping the hero Link, Zelda and the other good guys in their fight to victory? Well, this very brave and daring young prince, often called by some as the “Prince who slew the Fell Octorok” (a vile water creature that can spew rocks as bullets out of its mouth, shooting its opponents down dead, or anyone else who would dare to cross its path, even if by mistake). The Octorok didn’t stand a chance; it knew its days were coming. It was only a matter of time, in fact, before it would run into an encounter with Prince Sidon, and fate occurred that day --- not a good one for the big, blue creature with squid - like eyes, by the way…...not a good day at all.

Prince Sidon, residing in Zorro’s Domain of Hyrule, is over 100 years old and can rightfully claim that he has lived more than any average resident of Hyrule, otherwise more commonly addressed as a Hylian or Hyrulean, respectfully. Sidon eventually encounters Link and notices his amazing abilities, even his calling toward defeating all evil in the land, and thus decides it a wise choice to recruit him in taking down a vicious monster by the name of Vah Ruta. Link accepts the challenge and is successful, only moving one step closer to his true goal and purpose, that of encountering the one behind all the attacks on Hyrule…..

What form will Gannon take on this time around, or is the villain someone else entirely? Or is there a merging partnership of evil minds in collaboration at work here? You have to play the game called, “Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” in order to have all these questions, and so many more, answered in time. 

The greater brand behind the Zelda series

The Legend of Zelda series has been around faithfully since 1985, appearing in numerous different video game consoles, magazines, posters, TV commercials, action figures, shows and more. It is one of the greatest series ever to be made, and it would not even be a reality if it were not for the hard - working minds behind Nintendo, the parent company that owns the Legend of Zelda franchise. Nintendo is a Japanese company with a presence in the U.S. Its very first console was the NES of 1985.