Thyphlo Ruins

Thyphlo Ruins Link 1

Thyphlo Ruins is a memorable location found in the great Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild video game, one that fans have fallen in love with, for varied reasons. Let’s have a closer look…..

First of all, the land of Hyrule (from which most of the Legend of Zelda games are based out of, in some form or another) contains a Great Hyrule Forest Region within it. And there, the Thyphlo Ruins are located. These ruins are so dark that Link (the game’s main character, whom you get to play as) needs to continually find torch sticks and keep them lit in order to get himself through. Jet - black fog is what hovers through these dim ruins, for some reason not yet discovered, and it poses a greater challenge to Link….I mean, after all, there’s monsters lurking about, and it’s a whole lot harder to see them when there is limited visibility, so Link is going to need all the help he can get his hands on, at any cost necessary.

Thyphlo Ruins 1

Also, the sun doesn’t shine through to any area in these ruins. It gives a looming air of “God - forsaken dump”, does it not? Let’s be honest. And to only add mischief to mayhem, as if there weren’t enough of that on Link’s plate already, there’s also several bogs that, when stepped into, can sink Link to his death.

But, thankfully, there’s a few little things here and there to help him along the way….such as lit bird torches, which provide some much - needed light. These properly point the way to the shrine Link needs to go to, in order to light torches and keep moving. Link needs to keep lighting and re - lighting, as many times as needed, not losing his patience or hope along the journey….

In addition, if he should get lost anywhere along the ruins’ many paths, the beak points found in the illuminated bird statues, thanks to the torches he found earlier, can help to re - point him in the right direction….so all is not lost. Even if you’re a player with a quick wit and an indisputable sense of direction, and some stellar map - reading skills (not to mention a solid memory altogether), you may still face some difficulty getting through the Thyphlo Ruins. So don’t feel too bad and kick yourself in the face if you get lost….say, once, twice, thrice, or even a few times. It happens to the best of us. 

There are certain “glowing sections” of the ruins to be made note of, as well, as these slightly increase the visibility surrounding them. Some of these include an ancient armor set, certain masks lined up against the walls of a few rooms, pinwheels, markings, luminous stones and more. Also, one of the good things is that there’s plenty of torches found throughout the ancient ruins, of which Link can collect and light as needed. He can even pile some of these up so as to create illuminable, and even re - illuminable, campfires as points of reference. 

Moreover, remains of previously used campfires are found throughout the area as well. And Link takes advantage of all of them. He lights his way forward…..

Additionally, this dark area is both one of forest and ruins, a strange mix of the two. To many players, myself too, this reminds us of the Forest Temple found within the previous Zelda game known as The Ocarina of Time. This temple was gloomy, dark, held eerie music and ghastly villains not to be messed with on their worst day. And also, in both games, respectively, Link is forced to find his way through new puzzles, treasure chests, weapons, room assailants, sub - bosses, and, of course, a final boss that must be beaten. 

Thyphlo Ruins 2

Some of the most notable minions found in these ruins are those of the nasty fire keese, which can burn you upon touch, causing you to lose a portion of health and taking you step closer to “game over”. The key is to slash at these nasty little flaming bats at your very first opportunity. Show them your blade, and that you mean business with it. They’ll learn the lesson. 

There’s also what are called stalkoblins, which are just what their names accredit them as; they are goblins who will stalk you until they can kill you. But unlike with a past other past Legend of Zelda games, this time, these guys can lift rocks and hurl them at you….taking down your life hearts. They can also aim and throw barrels straight at you. When you see the barrel coming, slash it down with the sword or bear, or leap out of the way….up to you. 

What’s even worse is that these guys can effectively hurl bomb barrels at you, too, which explode upon impact and cause greater damage than before. These improv weapons are not fun to be on the receiving end of. That’s for sure…..

There are also wolves to be found along the way. These mammal wolves are Hylian natives, which you can even kill and use for meat, when the time calls for it. Don’t be afraid of them. Move quickly, and be patient. In time, they will succumb to your sword. 

And did we even mention the Blue Hinox you’ll inevitably run into within the ruins, which is likewise not to be messed with? He protects the path to the Ketoh Wawai Shrine, of which Link must get to at some point. This Blue Hinox guards the way. A bridge leads to the main forest entrance within these gruesome ruins….keep that in mind if you should get lost or need to get back in for some reason, like you would ever want to.

Joking aside, these ruins are a great challenge for any player who takes on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Try the game out and see. You will love it, to say the very least….. 

Thyphlo Ruins Star Fragment

You can find the Thyphlo Ruins star fragment right about where the star is on this map.

Thyphlo Ruins Star Fragment 1

You will find it inside a chest on top of these big stone blocks.

Thyphlo Ruins Star Fragment 2

Now that you have the star fragment you can feel like you have conquered another part of the Thyplo Ruins.

Thyphlo Ruins Star Fragment 3


Thyphlo Ruins Map

Thyphlo Ruins map 1 Thyphlo Ruins map 2 Thyphlo Ruins map 3

Thyphlo Ruins - Ketoh Wawai Shrine Guide

This is for the shrine quest: "Shrouded Shrine". MissNekopon posted this on their Youtube channel. It shows how to get to the shrine inside Thyphlo Ruins. You first make your way through the ruins and then have to get the "key" from a Hinox. The Hinox can either be defeated or you can sneakily steal the key while it sleeps.

Thyphlo Ruins Without Darkness

If you've ever wondered what the Thyphlo Ruins would look like without the clouds and darkness there is a video of that on Youtube. Trollsquad57 has posted a video on their channel showing what they look like completely unobstructed. They use mods to basically fly around the ruins with everything lit up.