Kakariko Village

Kakariko Village, a place where the sun both rises and sets at the sound of a cuckoo, a jolly old type of town in which the laborers are few, but still work no less hard. A happy environment in which windmills always turn, around and around and around, and an old man nearby always plays his tune, even when it rains. This is Kakariko Village and so much more…...and the Legend of Zelda is epic because of places like this. 

Though Kakariko Village is fictional, it lives on in hearts and minds. It survives because of fans who need it to. It is a place of special Nintendo honor, for Zelda fans and even non - fans alike. Kakariko Village is so much more than a small village, and whatever game you choose to play that shows off this village, in the Zelda universe, you will still find a great new place to explore……

Kakariko Village makes a very small, short appearance in Link’s Crossbow Training, too, which many consider a Legend of Zelda side game played just for fun, to improve shooting accuracy with that bow of Link’s. It is a very cool concept, to say the least, featuring such a place in such a game. But that is not all ; the place is, as you might have known already and been dying to hear us talk about, featured in several major Zelda games as well. 

One such game would be The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time, in which most would say the village is most remembered for, originally. Kakariko Village, in this particular game, was truly a sight to behold, and it was not only just a path that would lead the player, later on, to Death Mountain, Goron City, the Shadow Temple, and other spots. But it was so much more than this ; a very special, kind culture lived inside of here, and these were the Kakariko villagers. There were men and women living in this tiny town, each with a different story, and a different role to play, all of which you could slowly get to know.

In A Link to the Past, Kakariko Village was actually the game’s largest establishment and not just a town or village that you could get through, at some point --- that made this variation of Kakariko Village so much different from the rest. And fans got a neat little surprise from this. And so far, I have not seen or heard of a single one complaining about this….this little village - town, after all, does deserve some more spotlight, every now and then, for all it’s worth. Like I said once, and will repeat, it is a special place.

Several of the different Kakariko Village Zelda - game versions let you --- as funny, yet cruel as it may sound --- let you swing your sword around (or even do a full 360 sword spinning move) as Link and strike one or more chicken - rooster type creatures (known as cuckoos), eventually causing them to flare up in wrath, huddle up together, and try to kill you. Fun times. Many players have done this for fun, many to their own dismay. See if you can get to the closest door near you, and walk through it, before you get pecked to death. 

But, of course, if you’re a lot more kind - hearted, like some of us are, you will feel some compassion and leave those poor cuckoos alone. Instead, just use them when you need to, sometimes picking them up and collecting them, placing them back into their bins under a timely limit, in which you may get a prize. Yes, it’s true. The lady at Kakariko Village, in the Ocarina of Time version, cannot touch them and will enlist you to help her. Find them, and then bring them back, safe and sound, in their bin.

You can also pick them up and ride them, to help you get to otherwise unreachable places, be they in Kakariko Village or otherwise. Certain rooftops of Kakariko Village, for example, are only reachable by means of a cuckoo. So hire one on and fly! Just remember not to fall from a tremendously great distance, because you can lose some health in the process, and that would not be cool……

In Four Swords Adventures, you get to see Kakariko Village quite differently as well. The village is covered in a Dark World, and is a bit gloomier, darker and more pessimistic, all in all. It’s a place you must help restore, ultimately, by restoring the good and defeating the evil that has been cursing everything. 

And in Twilight Princess, a similar fate holds true. Once you first come upon Kakariko Village, you’ll see mostly everyone has been turned into a Shadow Beast. And your part to play in the overall ‘cleansing process’ of the entire land will be quite pivotal, more and more so as the Twilight Princess story unfolds….

Kakariko Village, in A Link to the Past, and A Link Between Worlds, look almost exactly the same. They are like “twin Kakariko Villages”, if we could call them that. They both look just about the same in their little 2D forms, hard to distinguish one from the other, if you have not played in either for very long. 

Kakariko Village rules! So does Zelda. Become a fan, and play.