Goron Mines

To pick up that second Fused Shadow within the game called The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess, you have to prove that you’ve got what it takes inside the Goron Mines, and these will be a little harder than the Forest Temple, which you just made it through. As you advance, challenges pick up, and things get a little rougher. But you also pick up skill and firepower, so to speak, by means of multiple different allies you meet and weapons / items you collect. So here we go….. 

To get to these mines, first thing’s first, you have to use a weapon of old, one that a ton of modern Zelda games have already seen...those amazing, incredible, ironic Iron Boots! Yes, Twilight Princess has them, yay. Pull them out and see what you can do with them, this time on Gor Coron, whom you’ll challenge to what appears to be some kind of sumo - type wrestling match. 

Those boots will make you heavier and more firmly planted on the ground than anything else, and eventually, Gor Coron will give way. You will become the winner and thus get your ticket into Death Mountain, which sounds like a roller coaster theme park but is not. Here, you will face some gloominess, rock challenges, enemies and other threats of death. Yes, Death Mountain really is Death Mountain this time, so buckle up….. 

Through Death Mountain, you can enter the mines you’ve been waiting to get into, where you’ll find even more challenges and risks of death. Player beware. Good thing it’s just a game, of course, but it may not feel like it. Anyways, these Goron Mines are kind of like ancient rock mines, but strangely enough, feature modern technology within them, in different forms. Numerous types of complex machinery keep the place fully functional and operational at all hours of the day, 24/7 ; those poor slaves must be worked to the bone as you can imagine. 

Moving elevators and mine carts, magnetic cranes, small robots and robotic switches, you’ll see it all here. You’ll even feel like you’re in modern times, but with all the conveniences of the ancient world and its historic sceneries altogether. This is notably the first time that the Legend of Zelda games actually blend the old with the new, so to speak, integrating ancient storyline elements that the Zelda games are well - known for, but also incorporating new, futuristic feels and the very notion of technology. It’s an interesting blend, to say the least, and definitely a surprise different from what you would have expected in that last dungeon before, the Forest Temple, respectively. I guess there’s a first for everything, eh? 

In this challenge, the goal will be for Link to use everything he can to operate his way around these mines, combining timing with accuracy with speed and with some luck. It’s not too hard once he figures out where he’s at. He can play it out by ear, or you can help him with a strategy…..your call. 

Oh, also, when it comes to sticking to magnetic platforms, which you’ll need to do in this dungeon, your Iron Boots will come in handy once again. See? They are perfect for more jobs than just one, so you should give them more credit. And even though the environment’s a bit hot out there in those mines, like at desert temperatures, some would say, still, no tunic or heat protection is needed…..and you’ll be just fine playing through it as you are now. 

There are elements both of fire and of water in this temple - dungeon - mine place. Some rooms are filled with water. Yet others are loaded with fire enemies, which get their power from some of the blazing hot temperatures in the area. It’s got a perfect balance between hot and cool all around. Think of it as a hot mine area but with a few cool springs and water reserves, if that helps.

To get inside that final chamber in the mines, Link must locate some Goron Elders to help him get his shattered key put together once more. That key will include everything ahead, including Fyrus, the boss of the mines. Fyrus is basically Darbus, a Goron patriarch who had earlier left his area to explore a mentioned ‘disturbance’ within these mines. However, he did not have the best of luck, as you could tell, and somehow got turned into this fire - igniting monster by means of the Fused Shadow he sought to look after.

Now, you have to fight him in order to restore him. He was apparently unable, at first, to exercise self - control when the mutation occurred. And that’s why he became the creature he became. Apparently, the Fused Shadow is not for everyone, only for those with a very pure heart and to whom it is intended. In this case, it would be Link (you, player, yay!). 

Use your Hero’s Bow to shoot him in the head, aiming for that shining jewel right on it. See his forehead? That’s the spot. After the bullseye, he’ll run around in agonizing pain for a few moments, and then you’ll pull out a favorited item once more. Guess which one it is yet?

Yes, it’s the Iron Boots. We’ve found yet ANOTHER great purpose for them here in the game, and this time, you’ll quickly pull on a chain connected to his legs, grabbing an end of it firmly. He’ll fall down and go ‘boom’. Then, you’ll run right up to him and give him a hug….nah, not really, but it would be funny. You’ll actually attack that jewel again, fiercely and with quick motions, with the sword you’ve got. 

Make sure to get away from the fire waves he’ll shoot at you later. Then just repeat the process as you can. Aim quickly and well. That jewel does not belong on his forehead, does it? No, it needs to come off.