Oot 2D


What is Oot 2D?

Oot 2D is basically a fan - made version of the classic 1998, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, a favorite of many Zelda fans still today. The original game is so popular that it’s even been remastered and re - released in other various consoles and versions, this one included. It’s truly exciting that someone has decided to step forth and make another new version of the game, even though unofficially, one that offers what the others don’t….a special 2D rendering. People have been literally begging Nintendo to release something of this form for many years but to no avail….now, some faithful fan developers have heard the cry of many and chosen to answer it!

You can find the official site here: OOT 2D

Make some noise: The game is already setting a trend among Nintendo lovers, all of them wishing to see it succeed in the end and make massive waves in the world of fan fiction, lttp - inspired Zelda gaming. And this one definitely promises to be the first of its kind. The project for this game is currently at 19.5% progress, which means it’s still got a long ways to go before seeing its completion…..but based on what’s been seen in released footage videos thus far, it promises to deliver. 

A 2 - minute YouTube trailer video for the game, called “OoT 2D v.20 Trailer”, shows much of what is to come in the final release…..mainly Link fighting his way through many dungeons and obstacles so widely remembered from the Ocarina of Time game, but in a 2D, classic NES - type format. You see Link attack an eye - stone statue that can shoot lasers out of its one eye, you witness Link swing his sword and run around (both in a few different indoor and outdoor settings), and you see him throw a couple bombs of his own….not to mention photos of him playing “Saria’s Song” on his ocarina, and much more. You also see Link next to a Goron, and another scene of him briefly fighting a Lizalfos, and other neat little surprises to come…..

OOT 2D - The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 2D - screenshot

This project has announced that it is not officially affiliated with the Nintendo brand in any form; it has wisely done so in order to legally protect itself, and as such, it cannot monetize its game or any of its earnings. It properly states that it makes no intent to infringe upon Copyright laws pertaining to Nintendo’s products. But with all the fan hype that it’s already gathering, it doesn’t need to….the upcoming game already markets itself plenty, and hopefully, it will still get tons of downloads and plays. 

This can at least open a door of opportunity, for the game’s developers, in other areas. How exciting it will be to see all this play out! One can always wish……

The game already holds a Facebook page of its own, too, which shows that nearly 10,000 people have already committed to liking and following the page. That’s a great start. The FB fan page accepts direct messages, as well, from anyone and everyone. So if you have a question you’d like to ask, a comment you’d like to make, or even a future - release suggestion, or something else, please don’t hesitate. They respond to all their messages in a timely fashion. 

Remember how the classic N64 gaming controller featured different control sticks, arrows, a red start button in the center, yellow arrows on another side, and even an A and B button? Well, here, the game’s creators have likewise been toying with the idea of bringing back several of these features and player controls….but to make them available for the new online 2D game. It’s been a challenge, but they have posted some success, to date, and have even further commented on it through the Facebook page. 

Also, many photos and videos of the amendments that have been made to the in - game footage have become announced on this page as well, giving future players hope in knowing the project is still progress….even if, sometimes, that’s at a slower rate than some would expect. Yet progress is progress, right? Parallax backgrounds, pillar imaging, and more….see it all, as it comes along, there on the FB fan page. No time to waste. 

And just imagine some of the very best Zelda cut scenes you remember from when you were younger….in this case, from Ocarina of Time. I remember just about all of them --- everything from that very first time Link had to confront Ganondorf, nearly losing his life, to that time he saw the beautiful Princess Zelda in person. Or how about the time that the Six Sages officially revealed their true identities, and worked together to finally seal Ganondorf away for good?

Or, to dig a little deeper, how about that time you first picked up the Master Sword, right out of its place in the Temple of Time…..and found that seven years had passed right in front of your very eyes? You are now adult Link, and it’s your destiny to save Hyrule….and the world. To further add, do you remember that first time Link meets Epona, in the game, and knows she’s a special horse….bound to be his for his adventure? Or how about that time he wins her back from the nasty, greedy Ingo, who says that horse was a gift intended for someone else, from someone else. 

The point is this: Can you imagine being able to visually relive some of those life - changing moments in gaming history, all over again, from a 2D standpoint? That, to me, would be beyond amazing. There’s no words to describe the feeling. 

Help spread the word!

So if you’re as excited as many of us are, then you need to spread the word. That’s what you need to do. And get as many people to like the fan page as you can. Heck, if you can donate any amount to help the project, even a couple bucks, feel free!