Forest Temple

Author: Efrain Silva

The Legend of Zelda : Twilight Princess starts off taking you to this first player’s temple, the Forest Temple, where you find out more about what new evil is befalling your land as well as seek to get more information on your lady friend who was just kidnapped. This place is found in the game’s Faron Woods, no place for the cowardly. This is a dark and dreary area makes you feel like turning back and going home but you must not. We must continue ahead.

Inside The Forest Temple

In the Forest Temple, there will be many kinds of new and old nemesis alike. Some are the keese, which are bats, flying around and taking jabs at your heart health ; do away with them with that sword. Some of them do move quickly, but you can be even quicker if you really want to. It all comes with accuracy and practice ; get lots of ‘pretend swordplay’ under your belt. You can do it!

There will also be the likes of Big Baba minions in this temple, but you’ve seen them before if you’re a regular Zelda player like me. These stalking plant fools are no match. They should not have come to the party….they will soon know, as you gain skill, agility and experience, that they should not have come in the first place. Tear them apart with all you’ve got. 

Baba Serpents

There will also be Baba Serpents here, which are just like Big Babas but can stretch out forward a little further and still mean serious business for anyone in the way of their lunge. Watch out. Just like their name tells you, they move forward like serpents, shooting out (or lunging out) at you with their venomous bite. Slice down the vine that holds them, which is basically like their neck, and you will be just fine... you will live to see another day, not to worry. 

Tile Worms

Tile Worms have also decided to join the party but not without their own special invitation ; these guys are annoying because, sometimes, you won’t be able to see them come forth until it’s too late. These guys --- and I guess they really have nothing better to do with their lives --- wait underneath tiles, for you to step forth onto one, from which they’ll spring up and hurt you. At times, if you see the tile move slightly, or be a little out of place compared to the other tiles around it, as you move by, then you can usually know that a Tile Worm is right underneath. Later on in the game, you’ll be able to get bows and an arrow, and even bombs, so that you can strike at these little Tile Worms well in advance, as you see them from several feet away. 

But we are not quite there yet. So hold on. Anyways, there’s more…..

Forest Temple: Skulltulas and Walltullas

Also in the Forest Temple, there will be giant white, dark red and black Skulltulas, enormous spiders not new to the Zelda franchise. These dudes look a little different in each game, to show diversity and originality on Nintendo’s part, I suppose. And here, they’ve taken on a gruesome new form, and as I can tell, seem to move a little faster than they did before. Watch out for them….they’ve got new moves up their sleeves as well, but you can block with your shield and counterattack with your sword, angling at them as needed. 

The Walltullas made it to the feast as well, bringing a friend. These types of spiders are like the Skulltulas but can move around on walls and, in some Zelda versions, could pick you right up and toss you about the room. It’s not fun, and poor Link must already have a headache just thinking about these guys by now…..yes, they are here to stay! 

The Forest Temple seems so lovely, does it not? It makes me just want to think of requesting a brochure….perhaps a tour will be nice, eh? Maybe I’ll get my brochure by mail. Things sound a little ‘eeky’ in person. And who knows if they even have someone to show me around? 

I’ll pass. Anyways, joking aside, there’s more baddies in this place, such as your everyday white - haired Bokoblins with swords. They swing forth at you, and you block and counter around to find your strike. Hit them, then hit them again. They will not mess with someone like you after doing so. 

These Bokoblins have sharp, nasty teeth and bright, green evil eyes. They also seem mad, or disturbed, all the time. They’re purplish - gray in skin color. Do not make them mad. Perhaps it’s not a good idea to stare….oh wait, too late. 

Forest Temple: Fused Shadows

The main goal in the Forest Temple is to get to one of the Fused Shadows and obtain it, but of course, not without some extra hard work and skill put to the test. Before doing so, you’ve got to survive Diababa, the temple boss, or was it the other way around? Does he need to survive you, actually? Yeah, I think that’s what it is...

Forest Temple Boss

This 3 - headed Deku Baba boss is one giant, ugly - looking creature. Who knows? Perhaps his mamma was even uglier, and that’s supposed to be a compliment. Anyways, there’s nothing you can say that will appease him, so get ready for your fight ; he’ll give his best as they always do, right before they come down. This time, your match entails colliding its two heads with your Gale Boomerang, so they bang right into each other, and then stunning his middle head with bomblings, finishing things off with some quick sword blows. 

He’ll be stupid enough to get back up and do the same, and you’ll be ready to repeat your strategy. It’s simple. Have a little patience, and keep on it, and you’ll have him down soon. Then, you can celebrate that you just defeated the first temple and its boss. More of the game will now unfold.

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