Ancient Castle of Ikana

Author: Efrain Silva

In Majora’s Mask, the ever - still popular LOZ (Legend of Zelda) video - game title, the Ancient Castle of Ikana is a special, mystical place of old that you will come to either love or hate….at least, that has been the reaction of most other players I know. This ancient castle you will find toward the end of the game, just as you’re about to close in on your villain, the Skull Kid, and his wicked mask (Majora’s Mask). The Ancient Castle of Ikana has much to offer you, both good and bad….you may lose your life here (or lives, if you’ve got some fairies in a bottle handy), but you can also gain a lot, such as greater life (through heart pieces and hearts), magic (in pots, jars and even some defeated foes), weapons and items, and more…..

Prepared for The Ancient Castle of Ikana

At this point in the game, if you have been fully diligent on making the most of your items and other inventory, you ought to have a maximum of 42 heart pieces (out of 52 in total), 17 masks (out of 24 in total), and 7 bottles (out of 8 in total). You can tell you’re near the end of the game, since there is not too much more to explore or collect --- yay. The Elegy of Emptiness is a central - pivotal song you will learn to use much, especially later ; remember how it goes, or look it up by pausing the game and looking at the Song Menu on your Ocarina screen (depending on which version of the game you’re playing, of course...since it could be for 3DS, N64, ROM Emulator or Enhanced Version of the game online, or even the Wii download version from the Nintendo Channel...many, many ways to play the game).

The Elegy of Emptiness

The Elegy of Emptiness is, more than anything, used in the Stone Tower...later in the game. But in the Ancient Castle of Ikana, a mini - dungeon that you will have to face just before that, you first learn the song and add it to your ocarina’s collection of tunes. Keep it handy.

The foes, in this mini - dungeon, have certainly ‘upped’ their strategy and fight….they will not be like some of the easier ones you have had to survive through before. Just count on that. But this can be good ; it can make you even better and prepare you for your match at Stone Tower, as well as the final advances against the Skull Kid. You have almost beaten the game, so remember that when the Ancient Castle of Ikana tries to discourage or dissuade you from the mission...and if you need to, take a break for a couple of days and then continue to play ; refresh that mind, which you’ll need to keep sharp in the Ancient Castle of Ikana…..

Ancient Castle of Ikana Boss: Igos du Ikana

Igos du Ikana is one heck of a final villain you’ll front when you reach end of the mini - dungeon, and he certainly likes to have his way. He is not merciful, calm, or even fair - breathed. He is a giant king of skeletons, in a sense. He’ll first send off two of his ‘pity pawns’ to come after you, and after you knock away these two skull servants of his, he’ll get up and fight you like a man….he’ll try to end you himself. 

Once you’ve managed to hurt him enough, you’ll see something really weird --- his head will actually come off, separate from his body! Whoa. It’s like the Twilight Zone, but in a whole new way original to LOZ. 

Remember to avoid the moving head, so as to avoid injury, death, and an even greater scare, Link (player’s character name)! Roll around, having put on the Goron’s Mask quickly. That’s one of the best ways to avoid the head here, at least for the time being ; stun the foe next, and then move quickly to have your Mirror Shield retain and reflect some light (from the curtains in the room, which you’ll helped to break off and expose, letting sunlight in, remember?). Expose the King of old to plenty of sunlight, ray after ray after ray, and then he’ll give up and perish……

In spirit form, this dead king will now teach Link that Elegy of Emptiness song we mentioned. Nice touch, isn’t it? I guess the evil can turn a new leaf and help out the good, after all….

Ancient Castle of Ikana - Side Note

An interesting little side note to bear in mind, here in the Ancient Castle of Ikana, and you can even try it out yourself as you play the mini - dungeon next : If you quickly don the Captain’s Mask, as you’re fighting this foe, you may actually confuse him for a few brief moments (and he’ll wonder how his Captain, Keeta, ever got to be so small), a hilarious moment worth trying out. Of course, this foe realizes the mistake he made, and actually states that you almost managed to fool him --- ha! 


One of the most memorable parts of the Ancient Castle of Ikana, for me (in addition to this final foe and the hilarious moment / hack I mentioned), would be that of the Floormaster Room. The Floormaster, as its name tells you, is just like the Wallmaster, but stays on the ground and moves around ; this crazy, evil hand - like creature is no less dangerous. Stand right where the sunlight can shine on you, pull out your Mirror Shield, and then reflect all the sunlight from it right onto this hand - spider monster to get it crawlin’ back to its mommy….actually, it won’t even be able to --- a few seconds of sun will kill it, for good. 

Keep in mind that smaller Floormasters (baby ones, if you want to call them that) can also spawn from them. So watch out. Kill them in the same way. 

I love this game, 100%. The Ancient Castle of Ikana was always a special treat to play. Check it out when you can!