How to Get Epona

Remember that lovely brown horse from the Legend of Zelda? How can you forget her? As a player, much of your journey depends on her, regardless of which game she’s in. You’ll always find her right when and where you need her. Her name’s Epona, but I’m sure you knew that and were just waiting to hear me mention it……

With Epona, there’s different times you meet her. And she meets you. It depends, naturally, on which of the Legend of Zelda games you find yourself playing…..let’s talk about how you can find her, and keep her as your own, in some of these most popular titles, shall we? 

Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time is Epona’s first - appearing game. Thanks to this game, we now have a horse that is bound to make Zelda history. This game showed us who she is, what she can do for us, and her brave heart as a whole. 

Here, you have to learn Epona’s Song, play it, then ride her. To keep her, beat Ingo in a race a as an adult. You’ll ride her in order to do so, feeding her carrots to make her go faster. Timing and precision, not to mention having some fun, are secrets to passing this small mini - quest. Ingo will be so upset when he loses, but that’ll be his problem, right?  He will lock you in but all you have to do at this point is ride and jump over the wall to escape with Epona.

Majora's Mask

Re-learn Epona’s Song, on Milk Road, this time. Do this after passing your exam in explosives in getting those Powder Kegs at your careful disposal --- heh. Play the song, and once more, she’ll come to you ; you’ll be reunited with your faithful, long - lost steed. She had been missing you, especially after that nasty skull kid said he had gotten rid of her and you’d never see her again…..surprises are good. 

Ride Epona as a child. She’ll get you to places a lot faster. Remember that there’s some places she can’t go with you. Tread alone as needed. 

Twilight Princess

You need to first make your way out to the Kakariko part of the game, having just played through the Eldin in Twilight portion. Now, you’ll pass a short scene with children in it and then have to go north, west, then east. Afterward, you’ll see a broken ladder when approaching the cruel Death Mountain ; climb up it, and do not worry. Control your heart pressure….it’s only a game. 

All joking aside, next, you’re going to want to reunite with a Goron you had met with before (while in your wolf form). 

After doing so, he’ll succeed at knocking you off the cliff. Not a nice move. But oh well….we’ll make up with him later. Now, go toward Hyrule Field, back down headed toward where you had come from just now. Goblins will visibly be seen riding your horse, and I don’t think she likes them too much ; it’s your turn to get her back before they continue to make her life a miserable waste. 

When they fall off her, you can easily jump back onto her. It’s simple, isn’t it? I bet you might have been expecting a more complex, time - consuming solution. Once you have her back in your possession, you can tame her, over time, your own way of apologizing for having lost her. Apologies can be good. 

Breath of the Wild

You’ve got to roam out to a spot where wild horses are known to be : Summon her through Amiibo, the only way, actually, that this game lets you even summon her. Start by engaging on the Amiibo Rune by means of the Link Amiibo (found in the popular Nintendo Super Smash Bros. series), making sure that you’re tapping Link right onto your NFC reader. Make sure that you’ve entered your menu options, before doing so, and have turned on all Amiibo functionalities. The first time you do this in the Super Smash Bros. series, instead of summoning a bunch of items at your disposal, the game will instead summon Epona right to you (if it’s your first time summoning Amiibo).

Keep in mind the following : If she doesn’t happen to appear that first time you try this, then it means that your current area won’t allow her to be summoned there. Think of it as an ‘area restriction’. There have been places where you couldn’t summon her before, in other games, so why not here, too? 

Epona's Appearance in The Minish Cap 

Epona makes her glorious, cute little 2D appearance in this game, with Malon as her owner this time. You can use Epona here to help you pull a certain wagon containing some of Lon Lon Ranch’s freshest, most delicious Lon Lon Milk. Epona will be seen in Hyrule Town only when you spot her owner Malon also there in town. During all other times, you can find her at the back of Lon Lon Ranch, her usual hangout spot and home. 

If you’re in ‘normal form’, as Link, while playing, and try talking to Epona, she’ll only respond back in horse speech. But if you manage to get yourself into Minish form, it’ll be a different story altogether, and things will really get exciting ; then, at that point, you can stand just south of her and get within proper speaking - listening distance, from where she’ll then talk to you. What will she say? Oh, it gets even better…..

Then, she’ll tell you to buy Lon Lon Milk. This’ll help to load needed weight off the wagon as you both head back to Lon Lon Ranch. You can even fuse with her, later on, through Green Kinstones. This is probably the most useful --- and she is always so useful to have --- that I have seen Epona be in any game, thus far. She is good for more than just riding on, it looks like, and hundreds of Nintendo fans are happy to hear it said…..I’m one. 


Final Word

Epona is a brave horse. She is the hero’s horse of legend. Ride her in each game to get through your quests. And remember : Treat her with respect…..