Death Mountain

Author: Efrain Silva

Death Mountain is a video game land that knows many forms, and many locals. It has appeared in more than just one Zelda game and is a place of many memories --- some great, a few terrible, for Hero Link. But all in all, players who have been to Death Mountain have certainly had their share of great moments, all in all. Let’s show you a bit about Death Mountain, including what you can come to expect from it, in terms of different Zelda titles…..

Death Mountain first appears in the very first Legend of Zelda title, called “The Legend of Zelda” (plain and simple, no subtitles in this one, heh heh). It’s found in Hyrule’s North regions, respectively, and is still as challenging as its name will tell you. There, you may face death, but take heart --- in many Zelda games, you do end up coming out of it, alive. So that is always good.

Lynel mountain guardians are what you find here in this region of the original game, and Death Mountain is all rocks and mountainside. If you look at the game’s map, in the Northern border area, you may see that it is, in fact, all covered with rock ; this area is indeed very rocky, home to some rock monster creatures and much more. Boulders are known to fall and drop, from up in the hills above, and this will show in the 2D game. You can see it all happening as you are nearby.

And to further add to this thought, there’s a few ponds and streams up in this area as well. Go figure. (It’s not like the fully dry, all - rock area that Death Mountain is in the Ocarina of Time game). There are two major ‘landmarks’, if you will, which are quite unique, in this 2D version of Death Mountain ; there is the Lost Hills area, and then, there is also Spectacle Rock, which is where you later face the last enemy of them all - Ganon. Wizzrobes, Lanmola, and more cunning foes abide around this Death Mountain, and they are to be feared for the threat they are --- tread carefully when passing by.

And also, the lovely Princess Zelda is held captive right inside Death Mountain, in this first game, and that means she must be rescued. Go, Link! Save the princess and be the hero.

Death Mountain also appears, as a landmark area of play, in this game’s sequel, the second Zelda game ever made, called “The Legend of Zelda : The Adventure of Link”. This time, it is not about saving Princess Zelda from Ganon. It takes on a whole new topic and tale altogether. Link leaves Hyrule, at certain points, and makes his new grand adventure come alive…..

In The Adventure of Link, go to West Hyrule, and then just a little bit South of there, and you will find Death Mountain ; technically speaking, you can find it just a bit South of Saria (a water town nearby in the game). Interestingly, Saria happens to be the name of the Forest Sage, in the later - released game, Ocarina of Time, in which Saria is Link’s best Kokiri friend. Spectacle Rock is also found in this game, and you get to hear about it and check it out once more. Yet the graphics, and even some of the surroundings (including the Death Mountain area here in this sequel game) still look a bit different than from the prequel --- they are original for this game, and take you to a whole new place, overall.

The game that came after this one, also, featured Death Mountain and was called “The Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past”. It’s all found North of Hyrule, as well, Death Mountain and its many challenges. Keese, Mini-Moldorms, Deadrocks, and more fester in this area. And beyond Spectacle Rock, you can see the Tower of Hera, up at the mountain’s peak, respectively. And to scale such a peak, you (as the player) will find yourself going right into the Dark World. There, you track down the Pendant of Virtue, play through a dungeon, and much more --- you will be tested.

You also meet the Lost Old Man here, as he is known as, and help him get “unlost” ; once you do, you’re able to start your game from Mountain Cave, where the Lost Old Man actually has his special hideout located. Think of it as a save point, and as a reward, for getting that far in the game, with promise of more little rewards to come along the way. Keep playing as it gets better and better and better…..

There is also a Death Mountain Shop (believe it or not) in the game. And who would want to go to such a dangerous place to buy things? Well, some dare to make that venture. And you can get access to this sort of ‘gift shop’ once you have the Ether Medallion later on in the game. Ever - rolling, tumbling boulders are very present in this area, too, a real danger to be had, realistically speaking ; this concept of rolling, falling boulders, I guess, continues…….

In the next game, Ocarina of Time, Death Mountain Trail is the path that leads up to Death Mountain. And on that dangerous ascent, you can expect to come across Tektites as well as rolling boulders (once again). Volvagia, an ancient, red dragon, is the final enemy in the Death Mountain Crater, which becomes your second adult dungeon in this game ; play through it, and you will have both slain the dragon, so to speak, and also rescued your old “buddy” Darunia, the Second Sage and Goron of legend….who is dying to give you another hug for having come through for him, once again. 

One of just 4 stages, initially, is what Death Mountain is --- in “The Legend of Zelda : Four Swords Adventures”. It’s a part of Hyrule. It’s also the game’s 3rd level. Cool……

In Twilight Princess, Death Mountain is a lot bigger than in any other past version seen. It is also a dry, dangerous area, once more. Check it out. 

And last but not least, Link’s Crossbow Training, Breath of the Wild, A Link Between Worlds, and perhaps other future games, have Death Mountain in them. Death Mountain rules! Just make sure you do not die while you’re there --- do not face your death on Death Mountain. Be a smarter player. Master the odds. 


Death Mountain is also feature in Breath of the Wild. Of course it was. It would have to be. I couldn't imagine them not including it.