Earth Temple - Wind Waker

Author: Efrain Silva

Your match up draws closely, brave Link player, you’ve been making it dead close to the very end of the game. And for those who may not have been following the previous posts, and are only stumbling upon this reading for the first time, I’m talking about finally reaching the Earth Temple in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, only one of two dungeons before the game’s last one. Game face on, and here we go!

Stumble In

As you stumble in, you work your way to outsmart some of the same old, phony baloney villains you’ve been bumping heads --- or swords --- with, so far….but you’ll find one thing may have slightly changed ; they’ve upped their game. They’ll do everything they can to keep you from reaching their final master Ganon (No...he is not the final master of this particular dungeon. You’re not there quite yet. But nice thinking….that’d be a cool surprise, eh?). Here, you’ll cross swords again with the same stubborn monsters, with a few mix things up and keep you guessing. 

Earth Temple: New Enemies

Who is new in this dungeon? Well, for one, we’ve got the ever - playful (but in the far more destructive sense of the word), cartoony Dark ChuChus to keep a look out for (giving them a band aid, if they need it, from the strikes you’ll give them with your sword….). This time, they’re not green, and they’re certainly not red…..but they’re like a dark black mixture of black with slight hints of darkest red. It’s weird. You have to see a picture.

There’ll also be some ReDeads --- yay!!! They did manage to find a way to add these to the game….and they look goofier than ever. Go, cartoon ReDeads! To further describe them, these ReDeads have wide - open mouths, with sharp teeth - fang things, pale and light blue skin, pierced ears with really unfashionable earrings hanging down low, and bright red eyes….that pierce through any dark room, if you think about it. 

Yes, these guys do look possessed ; they play the part well, once again, not hard to notice. They honestly look live evil versions of Zoras, but let’s not tell the Zora tribe I made that comment, shall we? Hush hush…..

Cartoony Stalfos

You’ll also come upon some newly enhanced, reanimated, cartoony Stalfos --- yeah, all right! These guys are even goofier and more out of place, but they can still whack you down with their weapons. So keep striking and blocking….trying not to laugh at their phony appearance as you do so. Perhaps the actual challenge remains in keeping a straight face as the player…..

You also get to ward off some poe spirits - lovely, lovely. These come in green, yellow, blue and purple --- those little guys are so cute I forget they’re my enemy. They almost remind me of my kids’ friends when they go out trick or treating each year….aww. 

You get to run into some Blue Bubbles and nasty fog, too, all of which can do its damage. Don’t be shy. Strike away if you can. They should fear you by now. 


Historically, in the game, you’ll also learn (as the King of Red Lions will reveal to you) that this temple had actually had 2 entrances….at some earlier point in its timeline. There was the main entrance, by which you just had to make your way in through, and there was also a Hyrule entrance...closer to the main closer, which the evil Ganon totally blocked off using his magic...I know what a jerk!

Earth Temple: Map and Treasure Charts

Get your map of this temple as soon as is convenient --- it could help, a lot. And remember that goings are only going to get rougher as you move on through. Dark rooms with statues, sun patterns, evil foes and more --- here we go!!!! (Wait. That’s Mario’s saying. Well, even he would be supporting Link, at this point in the game….) Challenge accepted. 

Get a couple treasure charts, and your marvelous Mirror Shield, all right here….going on sale now! All you have to do is work through some puzzles, stop a few monsters, and open a few treasure chests in order to get there. Do it.

Earth Temple: Mirror Shield

The Mirror Shield, or cartoony Mirror Shield, as I should actually call it, lets you do the very same things that the classic Mirror Shield once let you do in Majora’s Mask...and even in Ocarina of Time. You can absorb the sun's rays, or beams of light, into the shield….while then reflecting them back onto any object that is in front of its path. You use wit and strategy to do this, just like before, not fainting at the sight of bright light. Well, why would you? You’re not a ReDead, after all.

Get to your Stalfos mini - boss, who waits with open arms (and weapons), and you’ll be having a jolly ol’ time really soon. Knock him down. Do it again. Be aware of his armor, his sword and his shield ; he shouldn’t be too hard for you, by now, right? Dodge, duck, lean, swipe, counter - manage, shoot, shield and have some fun... he knows his time is up.

Earth Temple Boss: Jalhalla

Once the Stalfos is clear out of harm’s way (his own way, because you’ve just ended his life), you then come up against Jalhalla. Try saying that name ten times fast, and backwards. I bet you won’t even try to…..

Jalhalla, now, is a big poe that woke up on the wrong side of its evil bed this morning...and you’re the one who woke it up. Get my drift? But don’t worry ; it knows its time, too, is crazy short. If I were it, right now, I would actually run...and claim Link the winner! But this villain is not so smart….

Use your weapons. Learn its weakness. Engage your wit, and don’t back down. Now, after beating this boss, you can make your way out to the Wind Temple...

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