Snowpeak Ruins

Snowpeak Ruins, this next great Twilight Princess dungeon we have yet to cover, is found by Snowpeak Top, near its edge that descends. 

This decrepit mansion, where a pair of old Yeti reside, is not welcoming in the least respect. But of course, you are not there to make friends and drink tea, right? It’s time for sword - loving, butt - kicking action, and if there is one thing you are truly good at, it is that. So let’s begin. 

Yeto and Yeta are the couple that lives here --- cute name for a couple, is it not? Make you just want to cuddle up in a nice, warm blanket and drink cocoa by the fireplace, which, no joke, this couple actually does together. But it seems, as of late, Yeta’s been really sick, and Yeto’s been at her side every second, making soup for her from their kitchen. 

The front rooms and bedroom are where this couple actually resides, mostly, and it’s a long, complicated story. Zora’s Domain Reekfish, anyways, is what Yeto uses to make the soup, hoping it will really cure her and restore her to the once - joyful Yeti she used to be. Scoop up some of this soup right into an empty bottle, to keep as health replenishment if you ever need it during your quest at the Snowpeaks Ruins ; it more than likely will be of great use to you, and though it can’t revive you or heal all of your hearts, it can still restore a heck of a lot of hearts if you drink it while you’re still alive and in the game. 

All the vacant rooms in this mansion, however, make up the real dungeon. They are filled with monsters that somehow managed to get their way in there just shortly after the Mirror of Twilight’s second shard arrived on the spot. I guess evil follows good wherever it goes, at least here. Anyways, this mansion contains three floors and is fully ice - theme based, like its name would imply. You will want to reach the third floor bedroom at some point, where you’ll find that shard resting. 

But first, it’s time to show a little sword hospitality to some Chilfos, Bubbles, Mini Freezards, Purple and Yellow Chus, and other monsters. They’ve got to get their notice to vacate, and your bravery will make sure they get that message! At some point, you’ll make a new friend (I say this with 100 % sarcasm intended, for all who are reading this right now), Darkhammer. 

Darkhammer’s not quite a buddy, actually, the very opposite. He’s here to kill you and anyone else who can get in the way of picking up that shard, so have at it. Use your mind, speed and strength to show him you’re better. He’s got a large ball and chain, not to mention some nice armor, protecting just about every single part of his body, so he’ll have to outsmart him a little bit…..

When you see a target just behind him, Clawshot that target and then hit his tail that’s just been recently exposed. The target itself should pop up into view around when he begins to swing his weapon around at you. He’s asking for it now. After his attack finishes landing, or even in the middle of his swing, are also good times to roll around and hit him. If you can learn and use the Mortal Draw, then one hit should be enough to finish him ; pick up his Ball & Chain as your possession after you’ve won. 

One of the most annoying monsters, as you advance along after your victory, here, will be the White Wolfos. These white wolves you have seen before, I’m sure, and they are like your wolf Link….but hostile and evil. They circle you, so as to learn your angle and get a good feel for your movements, then lunge forward with their claw slashes….yes, these are ravenous, hungry, raging wolves altogether, wolves that have endured many slow blizzards and shown their determination and poise. Don’t mess with them. Make it a quick kill.

The Imp Poes in this dungeon are also rather annoying as they can scare you just by their approach alone, and at first, you may not know if they are good or bad….or what they can do to you, in either of your forms. Well, first of all, they’re bad. And second of all, regardless of whether you are playing in wolf Link form or normal Link form, they can still cause you some damage, heartache and a brutal scare. 

Use your wolf Link senses to jump on them and make them drop their lanterns. Use your wolf Link Ending Blow on these afterwards. Collect their souls. Anyways, now a truly astounding fight is about to take place….and it’ll be you vs. Blizzeta, the boss of Snowpeak Ruins, in a fight for the end. Who’s the victor going to be? That can be decided by your accuracy with the controller, your player confidence levels, how much sleep (or coffee) you’ve had the night before, and even your current inventory - health stock. 

Make sure to replenish before going in through the doors. Once you enter to meet with Blizzeta, the only way out is through the other side. But you’ve got this. First of all, use your newly - acquired Ball & Chain (thanks, Darkhammer!) as you see her spinning around. Aim at her, and the impact should chip away her more protective layers. Afterward, she’ll rise and try to drop some ice spikes on you, which you can knock clear out of the way with the Ball & Chain. 

Hit her with the weapon, too. Three hits should be enough. After you’ve beaten her, it’s a happy ending for Snowpeak Ruins as you Yeto and Yeta joyfully embrace. You’ve truly done a good deed here, and your next challenge will lie in facing the Temple of Time, redesigned for this game….where you’ve got to collect that third shard.