Tower of the Gods

This high - rise tower, the next on your glorious list of dungeon - beating, to - do’s in The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker, is not listed on any brochure. Maybe you can get a good discount on its rent there, if you pay upfront and hold bad credit. Joking aside, here’s where we’ll make our next stop - in, and Link must now go inside and fight down anything alive….hopefully, all that will be left is himself. Is his strength and intelligence enough for this one?

Well, we’ll see ; his odds are stacked against him pretty badly, even higher than the tower itself seems to be stacked, and that’s pretty high. But the further he goes in (and the further you move along as a player), the more he discovers that he truly is made for this challenge….and that he is, in fact, the real hero of old (but reincarnated and chosen for this new generation). Link enters --- and what does he find? I’ll tell you...he finds rats, keese, armos, red ChuChus and so much more.

Not only that, he faces his fears and works his best moves to take down the dungeon’s fiercest mini - boss yet, the vicious Darknut. This large knight is not his friend. But Link knows...after all, he didn’t enter the tower to make a friend or find a playdate ; his mission is something else…..

Heavy armor around his full body surrounds this Darknut. He’s also packed with quite a giant shield, not to mention a big, wide sword that could slice open a small child like Link in one stroke...that is, realistically. But we’re playing the cartoon, G - rated version, mind you ; so there’ll be none of that. But either way, if Link doesn’t move on it, he’ll become lunch for the moblins….so that he must do! 

The Darknut of this dungeon is a first - featured - here type of boss that is original to The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker...but it won’t be his last debut. If you play some of the other games released later, you’ll see more of him. And he won’t always be fun, unless you end up doing the striking, dodging and slashing on him….which we hope will be the case. You’ve got this ; that Darknut is a joke compared to the Triforce of Courage that lies firmly implanted on your hand, Link! 

Just make sure to dodge, block his strikes with either sword or shield, and then counter - attack quickly. Keep hitting him to watch his armor keep falling off, and then he’ll be as defenseless as a married man at a lady’s baby shower. Once you’ve struck him enough, he’ll get the point and lose….Link, winner!!!! 

You then fight through some more enemies and get across a few rooms, making sure to restock on health, arrows, and anything else you might have run low on, and then go looking for the key that unlocks the final villain in the tower, one called Gohdan (not Gohma, this time, but close…..I love these original names, which they can never seem to run out of ideas on...I wonder what new names will come next…). Gohdan supposedly “guards” the Tower of the Gods, but not in a good way (as he is the bad guy), and your mission is to show him who’s really boss. And it’s not him --- let’s make that clear.

You want to beat this boss, as soon as you can ; like any other fan would say, especially hardcore ones like me and those of the Zelda Wiki Universe. It’s in your best interest to get through this dungeon, especially if you’ve been a devoted Zelda aficionado of many years...why? I’m about to spoil it, so don’t read if you don’t want to know (yet if you’re a true Zelda fan, you’ve probably already played out this game already, and many times, I might add….)’s because you get the Master Sword after beating Gohdan. 

And it makes for a tearful cut scene you won’t want to miss, as well as the sense of accomplishment, in knowing you’ve now knocked another dungeon clear out of your path. Now, you are becoming a true hero of old...and you feel it. Who, or what, can stop you now? But rewind….we still have to beat Gohdan, and then we can say all those things and start the what do we do?

I’ll tell you what we do --- ha! We do the unexpected, what you’re not expecting to hear in this post, and we go out and get a strategy guide...if we can’t figure it out. That’s what real gamers are all about. Heck, a free one is even available all across the Internet...get one from IGN or any other free provider. Many include live action shots of the game, and its rooms, so you know where to go and get a good visual.

But, I’m joking ; I’m joking. I would not be that cruel. Do get a strategy guide, but also take a bit of free advice on here...which I’ll offer gladly. So, anyways, the first thing you need to do is use your bow to shoot those ugly, little eyes that are on both of his hands, which will hurt him some. Then, you can aim straight at his eyes and shoot. He’ll fall over from the wound.

Throw a bomb in his mouth afterwards. Then, he’ll briefly recover, and you’ll have to repeat those steps two more times. Keep at it, and he’ll be cleaned out like a whistle. Those bombs will leave no trace of his prior existence as lord of the dungeon. 

After beating this boss, as I mentioned, you get to unlock more on the major elements you’re familiar with, such as the King of Hyrule, Hyrule itself, the Master Sword and some other surprises. I don’t want to spoil too much, but you will have a blast (and not from the previous mouth bombs you just hurled at Gohdan).