Koholint Island

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Koholint Island Koholint Island

Koholint Island is the mysterious fantasy island featured in the 1993 Gameboy video game called, The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening. In this island, the story’s main hero, Link, becomes shipwrecked and needs to find his way back to his original destination. To do so, he encounters numerous obstacles in the form of not - so - friendly monsters and foes, which dwell in all kinds of caves and dungeons. He knows it won’t be easy, but he needs to make his way through the island successfully, in order to wake up a sleeping Wind Fish, and he has no other option for getting home.

Koholint Island is also home to many houses, shops and other central points of interest, all of which Link must eventually get off on a good footing with in order to learn his way around the island and make it to the Wind Fish. Mabe Village is the central capital of the island, so to speak, and is also the place where Link awakens after his shipwreck. It also becomes a pivotal point of reference, at certain points later in the adventure, for Link. 

Mabe Village is proudly planted within Koholint Island’s south - western region, and that’s where Link first sets eyes on the beautiful girl named Marin, whom he immediately mistakes to be Princess Zelda. He must be a “little woozy” from his accident, but she instantly corrects him and tells him her name, and helping nurse him back to health, from where he can begin his adventure to leave Koholint Island for good. Other central characters live on Koholint Island, as well, all of which help Link find his way home; some of these have included Madame Meow Meow, Tarin, Ulrira and Papahl. 

Mabe Village, quite notably, is also a sister village to Animal Village, another notable point of reference on the island. Humorously enough, it seems that anthropomorphic animals comprise the entire population of this village, and no one is truly able to tell how these creatures can talk, in the first place….which makes things a lot more interesting and fantasy - like altogether. Link himself, being the human that he is, is also astonished. 

Marin herself has been to Animal Village many a time, and notes it. She especially goes there to use her beautiful, melodic voice to sing to the animal residents there, and everyone finds her singing a true delight to the ears. In addition, when she meets Link for the first time, she reveals to him that she hasn’t been able to make her way to Animal Village for quite some time now….and Link helps take her there. She uses her singing voice to awaken a sleeping walrus, which so happens to be blocking Link’s path in his quest to get home; later on, in this village, Link comes to unlock a warp point, by which he can easily and instantly warp to other warping points found all throughout the island. 

Then we have the Tal Tal Mountain Range, another great focus point to remember while on the island; according to many other hardcore Zelda fans (though I myself would slightly disagree, but that’s a personal matter of perspective, I suppose), this mountain resembles Death Mountain….which has been a key point of references in many other Legend of Zelda games. Here in the Tal Tal Mountain Range, which is located to the north of the island and sources most of its fresh water, you’ll also face many unique challenges as Link. The Tal Tal Heights, found south of the Tal Tal Mountain Range, is the only means by which you can access the mountain range and get to where you need to go…..

The southwest - located Goponga Swamp also allows you limited access to certain parts of the Tal Tal Mountain Range but not all of it. The Tal Tal Mountain Range is perhaps the biggest region in the whole island, in addition to the famous Ukuku Ukuku Prairie. And the only way to get to this notable prairie is by means of the island’s Bottle Grotto, which so conveniently happens to be blocked off by a series of large boulders….oh, poor Link.

But not to worry; once he is able to get the Power Bracelet on his adventure, he can lift those rocks easily, like lifting hay off a camel’s back. Sadly though, another gloomy thought arises in Link’s mind, and it’s a new reality he is faced with: Here in this prairies, all inhabitants are deadly monsters; no unsavage, non - monster inhabitants exist. So it’s fight or flight, then, and seeing no other choice, Link takes his first option and advances…..

Pincers, zoras, buzz blobs and other kinds of creatures face him. But with his trusty sword, a good shield, a heart of courage, a mind that knows how to think quickly, and some other items in his arsenal, Link is victorious. He’s no longer afraid either.

Martha’s Bay is yet another interesting little spot on the large island, which bears mentioning, and is found on the south coast. This tiny water inlet gets its name from Martha, one of the beautiful mermaids who lives there...go figure. But a portion of the region surrounding this inlet also shares the name. 

In this region, Link comes across a notable fisherman --- and, oh, no! He appears to have lost his precious fishing hook. Link gives him one, trading it in for Martha’s necklace, which the fisherman found the other day….which Martha had been frantically looking everywhere for. With this necklace in his possession, Link once again makes his way to Martha and gives it to her, and she, in turn, gives him a scale that later helps him on his quest. 

Think you’ve got what it takes to get through Koholint Island in one piece? 

If so, play Link’s Awakening today. It’ll lighten your mood and remind you of the best in retro gaming, Zelda style. Give it a whirl!