Games Like Zelda

Author: Efrain Silva

Need more Zelda games? Try out these favorites. See what you think as well. There are a bunch of different games like Zelda for every platform.

3D vs 2D

Games Like Zelda - 2D vs 3D

You need to keep in mind that some of these games are similar to the 2D Zeldas and others are similar to the 3D games. We have included both types.

Games like Zelda on Steam

There’s many to choose from in this category, such as Diehard Dungeon, a top-voted pick that many have flocked to again and again….mainly for its foes and dungeons. There’s also ones like Spiral Knights, which is a no-cost MMO type of game that bears a striking visual resemblance to the four-screen 4 Swords Zelda multiplayer games that became so popular on the Gameboy platform consoles. Plus, BG&E (Beyond Good & Evil) is another great choice, a game that integrates the best 3D features seen in past similar Zelda games and puts them all into one single, centralized gaming experience that anyone can enjoy for only a purchase of $9.99; it also offers a steal ‘mode’ and a great storyline.  

Games like Zelda for Android

Games Like Zelda for Android

Oceanhorn: Monster of the Uncharted Seas is probably the closest call within this particular category, a game that bears a visual and in-play solid resemblance to the more colorful, creative games in the Zelda series (like the Wind Waker, Breath of the Wild, Four Swords and others of this kind). Here, the player battles beasts, sails the open seas, and even solves puzzles in dungeons. But there’s more…..

There’s also Ittle Dew, in which the main character literally looks exactly like Link, the protagonist in every Zelda game. He wears a green tunic and light brown pants, boots, a belt that looks the same, and even shares the same blonde hair. This character is also known to open treasure chests and go exploring for adventure. Sound familiar? 

Legend of the Skyfish is another choice. Once again, you’ll solve puzzles, open treasure chests, and battle with sword and shield. The foes you face look similar to those in the Zelda franchise as well. 

Games like Zelda for PS4

Games Like Zelda for PS4
  • Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas
  • Okami HD
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Horizon Zero Dawn
  • Ittle Dew 2
  • Anodyne
  • Dark Souls 3

First, there’s Okami, a game that holds top reviews and is notably one of the best for the PS4, in this respect. I don’t even know where to begin with this one. It appears to have taken several unique elements from Zelda and put its own little ‘twist’ on it, but in a good, unique way. And the white wolf seen on the cover resembles Zelda’s Twilight Princess “Wolf Link”, too. 

There’s also Dark Souls 3, an action RPG game that features zombies that closely resemble the “undead” foes you’ll encounter in many Zelda games which, if they come up to you, can jump on you and suck the life out of you (as they did in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, for instance). Dark arenas resemble Ganon’s fortress. 

Games like Zelda for XBOX ONE

Games Like Zelda for XBOX ONE

Anodyne is one of the most remembered here. It’s got abstract, quirky, yet well designed environments that are visually similar to many of the older Zelda games. Wanderlust and vulnerability are key elements seen throughout, leaving the player wanting more. Many feel like they’re in the world of traditional Zelda, so to speak. You have to play it to really get the feeling.

Also, we have The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which many rumor has actually been Zelda - inspired, to begin with; it’s obvious many similar and recurring elements are present in this game, such as dungeons that are fast and frenzied, and feature a cruel boss that must be defeated at the end. There’s also plenty of sword roleplaying action to be had. It’s a must.

Then there’s a game called Darksiders, in which you embody one of the Apocalypse’s 4 horsemen. Though the game is a bit dark, unlike the lighter mood and tone seen throughout most Zelda games, it still gives off a similar vibe to some of Zelda’s darker dungeons and towns, respectively, such as the legendary Shadow Temple, Ganon’s Fortress, and The Forest Temple featured in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Try it.

Games like Zelda for PC  

Enter the Gungeon is a great PC game, to get things kicked off to a good start: It’s good colorful, classic characters and playing environments that look like they were taken right out of Zelda ---- or at the very least, highly inspired from these games. Players who are not too combat trigger happy, but still enjoy a slight taste of 2D action like seen in the very first Zelda games, will get a true sense of enjoyment out of this one. It even lets you trade in your old swords for firearms, which is totally unique (as you can never actually do that in any Zelda game, with all full love and respect for Zelda games, of course). 

You can also try out Hob. Its environments look like those of Breath of the Wild and Skyward Sword. Some of its villains also look like those in the Wind Waker and Twilight Princess. 

Games like Zelda for iOS

Horn is another great one, and one you can only play by means of iPhone or iPad. It’s got top of the line graphics and visuals, not to mention awe - inspiring, Zelda - like cutscenes and more. Sword - slashing action and puzzle - solving mystery are not left out of this one either. Give it a whirl!

Or how about LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias released by Frontier Developments? Supremely polished graphics, along with addiction action sequences, are what make it seem much like any modern Zelda game. And so are some of its bright, colorful characters. 

You can also give Mage Gauntlet a go for its money. You play with health hearts and swing your sword, axe or mace around, in order to strike down your foes. The backgrounds are in 2D and look like those in the Super Nintendo Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. 

Games like Zelda for Nintendo Switch

Final Thoughts

Give any of these games a try. They’re completely original. Engage any of them as you wait for the next big Zelda release; they’ll definitely help you pass the time.