Breath of The NES

Author: Efrain Silva

Welcome!  If the world of Nintendo is your hometown, a place where you hang your hat gladly and call “home”, despite what other types of gamers may think, then this read is for you. Read on and enjoy as we’re going to talk everything about a special fan game based on Nintendo’s “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. We hope you will enjoy it, especially if you’ve been following all the latest E3 and even other unrelated fan news on new Nintendo release games.

And since we, as loyal, hungry fans, always seem to have to wait so darn long for the next game in any series to be officially released before we can get our sweaty hands on it (certainly the case, all the more, with games released in the Legend of Zelda series), it’s good to have a fan game or two released every so often. This gives us something to hold onto as we wait, plus some extra fun and other possibilities potentially not explored in traditional games and their storylines. That’s why I love fan games most. And this “Breath of the NES” game makes for no exception; since many fans like myself even heard of it for the very first time, we were attracted to know more, so here’s some information on the game to whet your appetites for a bit….. 

What we are referring to here…..

By “Breath of the NES”, we are referring to a cleverly witty combination of the two titles, “Breath of the Wild”, and “NES”, or “Nintendo Entertainment System”. And unlike too many other Zelda fan games seen out on the market so far, this particular game, without question, manages to capture the essence of the two like no other has ever been able to do, thus far. In other words, and to put it all in a nutshell, those who love the classic NES gaming console but still fell in love with the more modern storyline and system from “Breath of the Wild” can have the best of both worlds in playing “Breath of the NES”; that’s what it’s all about here, after all, being able to attract both hardcore classics fans to the game as well as the more modern gamer who might be somewhat new to playing Zelda.

Some further details to rightfully explore 

The game, released online, has gotten tons of downloads, reviews, and other forms of feedback. Many have gotten their chance to play it and have left their own “two cents” on what they thought of it. Some site platforms, as well, have removed the game from public download, stating only that they were asked to do so, perhaps for reasons of legal violation or otherwise. Yet the forum chat and other comments still remain. 

And in addition, YouTube videos of live footage from the game continue to permeate the Internet. It seems there’s still quite a bit of talk surrounding this fan game that was released last year. Fan chat does not die down, and that is a good thing; maybe official Nintendo execs will choose to look further into the game and consider some of its implementations and successes, according to the fans, for when releasing future Zelda games. 

The game itself, as seen from the vibrant footage, is played on a 2D scale the same way that the original NES game looked and was played. Except, as I mentioned, the storyline and characters follow those of the “Breath of the Wild” game released for the Wii-U. It makes for quite an interesting mash - up, one that no less got great reviews from most online players. The testimonials are ragingly positive and upbeat. It was a good attempt to recreate two different games originally, one that fans truly appreciated. 

The animations are a little smoother and the world is a bit more interactive, according to the game’s developer. So this is definitely a step up. Also, those who played the free online demo first reported that you can test out the gameplay quickly and easily, getting rapidly accommodated and wanted only more in a matter of minutes as they explored the “mini overworld” seen on the small screen. Link, in his green tunic, looks brighter than ever as does the grass surrounding wherever he walks; visual, catchy appeal is a main element here, one that draws the eyes in for more. 

“Things have changed in Hyrule. Be careful!” is something the wise old man says in this 2D version, as opposed to his original line from the first game, which read something like, “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take this (giving Link a sword to defend his life with)”. That’s a classic line from the first game that many still remember today. It was a nice little touch to get to see a new twist of it here in this game. 

And since it appears that, as of not too long ago, the full project for the game had been shut down, and the game was taken off of numerous places online, its creators have announced plans to drop all Zelda references and make it its own game. Thus, without copying any ideas or content, they may hopefully be able to release it as their original work. This has all only been rumored, though. The actual plans for the future of the game and its developers is still widely unknown. 

Also worthy of note here is that the bright red - orange octorok creatures from the first Zelda NES game have reprised their role here once more. And their mission is to stop you at all costs. So watch out for them, if you ever get to play the game…..

More background information on the parent brand and its company: Last thoughts…. 

Zelda falls under Nintendo, the major parent company that owns it and founded it in 1985. Nintendo sells a plethora of video games and consoles to people all around the world. It’s based in Japan. Some of its most memorable series personas have included Zelda (as you probably guessed), Link, Mario, the Pokemon, Fox McCloud, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong, Kirby, and many others.