Lakebed Temple

This third temple of the game features the Zoras, and interestingly enough, it seems to follow the order to Zelda : Ocarina of Time first established. In that game, you would first fight through a green forest and its temple, then a Goron area and its fire caves, or mines, and now, something like this. Now, it’s all water - based, and with the famous Zelda characters known as the Zoras, these water fish - mermaids. They are not mermaids in the sense that they are half - human, though ; they are instead full mammal but can talk and walk like humans do, not to mention swim and move around underwater at brilliant speeds, vertigo - enticing speeds altogether. 

The Zora protect all water life everywhere in the worlds of Zelda, and they love their world. In Lakebed Temple, you’ll need to get a Clawshot, which is a hookshot - attaching device letting you either hurt enemies or shoot yourself in the air to reach higher spots. Just point, aim well, and fire. The strange little mini - boss here, just before your final nemesis for Lakebed Temple, will be the Deku Toad. 

I may not have seen something as disgusting and grotesque as this before in my life, and I do not lie. Yet I am still glad to know that Zelda mixes things up and creatures can arise at any time, which are even hybrids of past known creatures. In this case, it’s a Deku Shrub mixed with a toad….how much more awkward can it get, right? And what caused this baby to be born, I will not even dare to ask…..

The Deku Toad seen here is giant, fat and ugly, much like Star Wars’ Jabba the Hutt, in a sense. It’s got the dark, black face with bright, red and yellow eyes of a typical Deku Shrub, but it’s got the body of a toad, warts and all. It’s got a big tongue that hangs out, and circles on its back that look like giant yellow bubbles ; these are Toad eggs, as you’ll now come to find out the nasty way. 

He’ll drop these eggs right off his back, after he drops down from his height to face you, and then you’ll have to kill those eggs with the sword, first thing. You’ll find that this guy’s usual ‘plan’, I guess not very well thought, is to keep dropping from that ceiling above, trying to fall down hard on you and also shake a few eggs of his back. Let him try….now you know it’s coming. What more can he do?

As he drops down, and you manage to roll out of harm’s way fast enough, he’ll stun himself on impact --- what an idiot. That becomes your chance to hit his exposed tongue, which is hanging out, with your sword, as many times as you get to. Another option is to have him open his mouth wide open, as he is dumb enough to, and then you’ll throw a quick bomb at it, hoping it lands right inside and he swallows it. Why not shoot some bomb arrows at his mouth, while you’re at it, too? This is your third option. 

He’ll then die with enough repetition of your attacks, done carefully over and over again. Then, a treasure chest will spring forth, and you can open it up to get a small gift for your efforts. And what’s inside is the Clawshot I mentioned. Nice, right? 

Then, it’ll be time to get into more rooms, finding access with your wits. You’ll have to come up against Chus, like in various colors. There’ll be blue, red, purple and yellow ones, to be more precise ; these worm their way around on the ground and are nasty. Your sword is a good friend against them. Some of these, if you strike them, will break up into smaller Chus, increasing in number ; just strike down all the mini - ones as fast as possible, and they won’t grow back anymore. They’ll be done for, that is, at least until you exit the room and re - enter it at some point…..

Different kinds of Lizalfos are to be spotted here. Some are a little larger than others. They fight like their life and worth depend on it. They do. Their boss will not be happy to hear that they have failed in stopping you. 

These giant lizard creatures know their swords well, and can swing around in different ways to cut your life down. Block those strikes using your best shield counter moves, anticipating their forward and side lunges, and then make a few strikes of your own. It’s a free - for - all, anyways, so if they strike at you, you can strike back….and as much as you want. There will also be some more elusive monsters to keep an eye out close for, such as Bombfish. Yes, I said bomb - fish. 

They’re like green little piranhas, but instead of feasting on your flesh, they’ve got bombs in their mouth. Touch them or come near them, and they’ll explode. They’ll kill themselves, but they’ll also hurt you, even if you’re underwater, during the blast. Be aware. 

Then, at the end of the Lakebed Temple, you make it to your purpose : To get that Fused Shadow from whatever main attacker has been holding it for itself, this time Morpheel. He’s a Twilight Aquatic foe who will remain hell - bent on keeping that Fused Shadow for himself, using all power he has been given to wipe out your name. Don’t let him end your life here, you’ve fought so hard already. Fight on.

The Clawshot, Iron Boots, sword and shield, and some bombs will be helpful. Figure your way around to his weak spots as you can. Let him attack first, then you outsmart him and attack harder, faster. It’s all in your timing. Hook onto him, and make him crash, as well, making the water leave the room ; you’ve got this…..he is about to fall.