Zelda Fan Games

Welcome!  Are you a fan of the Legend of Zelda, much as I have always been, til’ death do you apart? Are you into the world of the mystical, the magical, the colorfully perceptional? Do you enjoy fighting dungeons in dragons in your sleep, only to realize there’s a bigger world out there than where they came from?

Well, if any of the following psychological symptoms apply to you, then you, my friend, are a true fan. And to you, I tip my rightful hat. May your days be long and your years blessed; and may you never stop dreaming, believing, fantasizing and achieving for that is where some of the best things in life truly reside…..in the world of “non - reality”, or as some would rather call it, RPG. 

Zelda is a major RPG, or role - playing game, that has been around for decades, kicking off in 1985. And since that time, it has managed to collect quite a number of avid fans, including myself and a few of my best friends. And as a result, as you can no doubt imagine, such growing fan bases have, in turn, come out with a few unofficial “merch” of their own for this video game series, including --- yes, you guessed it, all right ---- several games of their very own creation. Isn’t that something? Talk about commitment to a brand…..

What we are referring to here…

So by “Zelda fan games”, we mean several that have become available on numerous places online, resembling or simulating some of Nintendo’s big*gest consoles (we’ll talk a bit more about Nintendo itself further down in this article….just keep the name in the back of your head for now.). Playing these fan games, to many, is a similar experience to actually playing the official Zelda games that have been released on actual consoles. And fans tend to love both --- that’s the best part. They can’t get enough of the world of Zelda, and we, as such, can not blame them! Zelda sells.

In addition, on another great topic of note, let’s take one perfect example of a Zelda fan game, which some have even called a “hack” but in a good way --- that of The Legend of Zelda: Outlands. It’s a game that got unofficially developed and released by GameMark24 and can be played online. Its villain is the Thunderbird, who apparently seeks revenge…..

Some further details to rightfully explore

Furthermore, in this particular fan game, it appears that Link and Zelda, the two main protagonist characters most popularly seen in the Legend of Zelda games, had thought the Thunderbird was dead. Link and Zelda had originally joined forces against the Thunderbird in the official video game entitled, “The Legend of Zelda 2”, which was initially released for the NES in the early ‘80s. And in this story, Link must venture to the Outlands, a land far outside of Hyrule, his home country, to face the Thunderbird once and for all ---- fighting his way through 18 unique dungeons as he does so. 

Let’s have a look at another fan game, that of Shin Zelda Densetsu, a novel game that hacks the very first Zelda game to ever be released. In this altered version of the original game, Princess Zelda is actually the one going on a quest as Link has been captured --- it’s usually the other way around as any hard - core Zelda fan will tell you. The game itself got a whole batch of mixed feedback and reviews since it got leaked out online, some very good and others not so great. 

There’s also another adapted fan game that goes by the name of “The Legend of Zelda: Parallel Worlds”, a great, catchy title, by the way. That’s what several other fans think as well. It should’ve been made into a real game, in my opinion...but anyways, here’s what it’s about. So, first of all, you play as a treasure hunter from a distant land, one who --- along with a friend --- has recently moved to the area in search of a very special local treasure that you have heard talk of for some time now. And you decide now is your time to act. You risk it all in your search.

As you begin to do so, however, seven particular people come into your life, people who seem to have appeared out of nowhere --- just as if it were out of thin air. These people begin to plague your mind with questions, regarding Kakariko Village and more. Then people start talking about a Parallel Tower, and curiosity only continues to linger. You later come to find that Hyrule’s king has been maliciously murdered by the wicked Draegor, whom you join forces against, in order to stop him. 

More background information on the parent brand and its company: Last thoughts….

Zelda seems to be a video game series that will never have a downfall, and I mean that in the good way: The day that Zelda ceases to exist, I myself will cease to be a very hopeful, happy person altogether, in many respects. I have loved the Legend of Zelda with all my heart since I was a very little boy at the age of 5, a time in which I owned the very first game it ever released. Then, not too shortly after, I owned the second, followed by the third, and so on and so forth……now, I am a committed fan to the death, til death itself do me apart! 

My favorite game in the Legend of Zelda series has always been, and will forever be, the Ocarina of Time, released in 1998 for a gaming console then known as the N64, which stood for Nintendo 64. And as promised, I will now further explain a bit on Nintendo. Thanks for being so patient…..

Nintendo is a video game seller based in Japan. It’s sold numerous consoles since 1985. It has managed to create some of the most lovable characters in gaming, like Mario, Donkey Kong, Link and a few others. Nintendo’s games compete with Sony’s and Microsoft’s, respectively.