Forbidden Woods

Author: Efrain Silva

To get to the Forbidden Woods in the game The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, you must first go to the Great Sea, close to the Forest Haven. And a challenge will test you there. Having beaten Dragon Roost Cavern, are you confident you can now make it through every part of the Forbidden Woods? That is the question, and only precise, carefully calculated moves and maneuvers….along with perhaps a prayer of good hopes... can tell.

Forbidden Woods: Need to Get Through

You need to get through, if you want to get to the rest of the game’s challenges ; there is no beating around those bushes here (even as much as Link likes to beat them with his own sword), and you must proceed. Here, you’ll find a couple more treasure charts for your long journey, which will further piece together for you just where you’re at a bit more. Now, at least, you’re not as lost and clueless as you were just a few minutes ago...but you do still have a long ways to go. Make it --- you can!

The Boomerang

You’ll also get that nifty little toy every Zelda fan, myself, too, has picked up a good obsession with….the handy, dandy boomerang of old. This weapon has been in almost every Zelda story, and Nintendo must have thought it’d be wise to not leave it out of this one. Yay! Now, we can throw it around and wish it slash down those nasty little goblins, bats and other foes that get in our way….jump for joy! 

And you’ll need it, not dropping your guard for a single second as all kinds of assailants will loom at every stop. What am I talking about here? I’m talking about Boko Babas, for one. And in addition to nasty breath and an irreversible temper, when provoked, these guys mean trouble….they also move quickly and bite, or chop, down at you in order to take your life hearts apart. 

Get too close, and your life could be over with just a few darn swipes….that is, at least until you get farther down the road in this game and learn to get more heart pieces (to increase your overall player life), a few bottled fairies (in case you die, they can resurrect you and let you play on where you died at), and accuracy, strength, and more. But in this second dungeon of the game, you’re not actually that far yet and must learn to be patient, using stealth like a ninja...until it’s time to creep up and pounce on those monsters. 

Forbidden Woods: Boka Baba

The Boka Baba, funny enough, are the same as the Deku Baba you fought in other Zelda stories...the only difference is, I suppose, that their name has changed slightly, and that they are entirely ‘cartoony’ and would appear less of a threat….but remember, they’re not. They can still suck out as much damage from your life as you let them, so keep at a distance. As soon as you get that boomerang, in fact, whip it out, aim in on them, and fire won’t regret taking out these jerks. 

But they’re not the only ones in your path….in fact, you’ve got some Dexivines coming in hot at 8 o'clock, or wherever fate chooses to put them in your path. With these, it’s important that you remember to not panic, take a deep breath, and watch for them whenever you’re in any darker environments….these guys can seem to pop into sight without notice. They’ll already be waiting in certain rooms, but if you’re not careful, you could fail to see them until it’s too late….oh boy. 

Dark Black Vine

This dark, black vine - hand things are no joke. And sometimes, they’re so hard to spot as they can blend into a shadier environment they’re in. I remember how much I hated them in this game, and even in their past versions from other games (Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask, etc.). They are nothing new, as foes, but they are still no less a peril to behold. 

The Green ChuChus, in this dungeon, you’ll see a lot more of. They seem to spread like a wildfire ; you just can't get rid of them. Move fast, and strike many times with your sword, to slash them to bits….they’re just jelly with a face. These green slime won’t know what’s coming until you’ve hit them. 

Don't Be Scared

Don’t be scared on seeing them in any room. Kill them, and you’ll be able to get magic to refill your magic levels, when it’s time to do so. And remember this throughout the game, because later on, you may find several instances where you might have to do so. It’s good to keep in mind. 

Guess what else is lurking around in here, Peahats. Remember how you could often hit these floating, flying enemies with your hookshot or boomerang? It’s the same thing here. These ‘cartoony’ versions, however, are hilarious to look at...try to take them seriously, though, if that’s possible. But the sight of them might want to make you drop your controller and burst out laughing, as I did with my good high school buddy when we first saw them. 

You’ll also run right into a few Octoroks during this short quest portion, and the best way to stop them is pretty much the same way you did before. Actually, like with other games, you’ll find that the more weapons you collect, as well as accuracy and other skills, the easier these will be to kill off….and you can choose how they will meet their end. Will you shoot them down, boomerang - whack them, get up close and use a sword, deflect their shots to hit them, use fire, or anything else I haven’t mentioned? Tough choices, tough choices...pick one method and go with it. 

Forbidden Woods Boss: Kalle Demos

Kalle Demos is the main villain you finally run across, at the end. He runs the dungeon, so to speak, and he does not like uninvited guests. Beat him, and then more of your journey unlocks….. 

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