Ganon's Tower

Author: Efrain Silva

Finally, you’ve made it to Ganon’s Tower, and the game is almost over. But don’t be sad : There are still many more Legend of Zelda epic classics that have yet to be released after this one, and this one even gets remastered in a special edition later on (It came out for the Wii and Wii-U, back around 2014….did you get to try it out?). Nintendo’s always got something good coming out, and that is why its fans will never stop growing in number.

Remember how Ganon’s Lair had been completely cut off before (but you didn’t know it was actually Ganon’s Lair)? Well, now you have the power to shatter through it with your Master Sword and walk on through….where he is waiting for you with much evil intent. Mwah, hah, hah!!! Don’t be scared now, boy….everything is going to be just fine.

Ganon's Tower: Inside

Once you make it in, there will be a special room containing five different doors. Now what have we gotten ourselves into? Not to worry, it gets more exciting as we go along ; it appears the main door, which shows itself leading deeper and deeper into the heart of the tower, is currently blocked off by what looks like another sort of magic seal….oh, great, we just broke the last one and have to do it again with this one? Yes, but it can be done. 

Explore More

To do so, you (Link) must explore those other four doors that are accessible, one at a time, and fully scoping out their areas….collecting any last items, solving any last puzzles, and taking out any last enemies. What’s also interesting is that every one of these last four doors will base itself off of one of the four previous dungeons in the game, so it feels like playing through these dungeons all over again….but in a new way, which many players found to be a neat surprise twist thrown in at the end. This also gives the game more of a ‘true Zelda feel’, like we mentioned earlier.

You’ll need the main dungeon item handy, that you found in each one of these four, in order to get through its door. Moving forward in a clockwise manner, we start with the first ‘dungeon repeat’, which is Dragon Roost Cavern. There, you’ll see yourself needing to cross a large lava sea, and many items you’ll need to pull out, again and again, to do so. For instance, you’ll find yourself using the Grappling Hook, Ice Arrows and Deku Leaf quite a bit.

Ganon's Tower: Forbidden Woods

Next is the room resembling the Forbidden Woods, which is all about having you cross this endless pit using some platforms that can be moved around and a few elevators shaped like tongues. Then we’ve got the Earth Temple room, which specializes in making you run through this ridiculously prolonged passageway, that so happens to be guarded by many enemies. You’ll also have to know which switches to keep pressed, through some trial and error….but you should get the hang of it. 

Last but not least, we come to the room that embodies the spirit of the previous Wind Temple you just got through...not too long ago. In this room, you have to evade the attacks of a Wizzrobe, that’s flying in the air, while crossing some sort of obstacle operated on wind at the same time. It takes the level of challenge to greater heights. And guess what else? Without the combined use of the Iron Boots, Hookshot and Deku Leaf, in this room, you will not make it out alive.

Ganon's Tower: Boss Fights

And there’s more. You also have to fight every boss that was in these four dungeons...but once again. So that means Molgera, Kalle Demos, Jalhalla and Gohma do get to come back… looks like Ganon summoned them again, for one last rematch. But it gives you a chance to humiliate them even more glorious than you did the last time, so it’s their loss, really…..if they can’t take a hint, then they can’t take a hint. Let them come back as many times as they want, so you can kick them to the curb as many times as you want. 

Breaking the Seal

After you’ve beaten the four bosses again, the seal holding the last door away will then be broken, and you can proceed. If Gandalf from Lord of the Rings were present, perhaps he’d say something like, “You shall pass”. That’d be cool. Once you go inside that fifth door, you find that the fight is still not quite finished….and you enter this puzzle room, which ends up leading you back to a place that looks like the Forsaken Fortress. And there, you meet an old enemy afresh...Phantom Ganon, baby, and this time, he wants more of you ; bring him all you got. 

Don’t go easy. He won’t. Finish him, and you’ll find that there’s still more….how cool could this game get?

Sleeping Princess Zelda

What more is there next? Well, you’ll then wind into a room in which Princess Zelda seems to be well asleep on a bed, and Ganon seems to be looming over her. Maybe he cursed her into a deep sleep. Who knows?

Puppet Gannon

But then, he reveals his true self...and you find out that it’s not the real Ganon, but the last phony on the last, who never made it to the party and wants his cake now --- Puppet Ganon ---- and you have to be the one to put the icing on it. Show this clown, or puppet, who is boss here. This villain can turn himself into all kinds of shapes. And to break him, you have to be patient and fight him in all 3 of his phases. Then, when he loses, you go up to the roof, by means of a rope hanging from the ceiling (how convenient), where the real Ganon hides no longer.

Ganon's Tower: The End

Now, he’s got nowhere to run. And there is nowhere to hide. Stop him, and beat the game, for good. Finish!  

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