Ice Cavern

The Ice Cavern is a glorious mini - dungeon you will need to come through when you try to beat “The Legend of Zelda : Ocarina of Time”, a beyond - popular video game title that is truly timeless, in its every respect. Play this game, and you’ll get to the Ice Cavern, eventually, which you’ll find is the only way to get ahead to the Water Temple, your next main dungeon. But let’s talk about this special Ice Cavern once more…….yes, I myself am the biggest fan of it……

I used to love mini - dungeons. Ah, heck….what do I mean “used to”? I still do. They are so much fun, and they are a small world within a bigger world, so to speak. Mini - dungeons are great, especially the way that the Legend of Zelda games have laid them out all these years, making them challenging, story - imperative (sometimes), addicting, action and suspense filled, and more. With the Ice Cavern, you will still have one swollen, frozen heck of a good time….should you manage to come out alive. But it’s not so bad ; just give it some time, and maybe a strategy guide tip of two --- you’re smart enough to figure the rest out…….

Try not to use a strategy guide on this mini - dungeon, if you can totally avoid it, because that just might take all the fun out of it. If you’re ‘stuck’, get a hint or two, maybe the next step, from IGN or another online source. That can help. And then keep playing. 

The Ice Cavern is found in a frozen - over Zora’s Domain, an area in the game in which you’ve already become acquainted with before, in your child version 7 years ago (yes….you play as two people of Link, Child Link and Adult Link). You have to cross a few frozen icebergs to make your way inside this cavern. Once you’re on the inside, first notice the area for yourself, taking a cold, hard (literally on the ‘cold and hard’) look around. You will be here for a few moments, so don’t settle in just yet, but do make yourself familiar with the surroundings, the home of many of your current enemies (which you’re about to meet now….yay. Or, actually, boo…). 

Watch out for any stalactites that can fall from the roof, as you move along, cutting down any stalagmites with your sword. Don’t let them remain as obstacles. Have fun, and strike away! There’s some red ice here, too, which, at the moment, you can’t do anything about….but you will be able to as you move ahead. 

You’ll find yourself up against 3 Freezards, in this first room, here for the welcoming party, it seems. Make their death a quick one, and don’t bother to attend the funeral. Simply use your Din’s Fire from as far away in the room as you can, or just get closer and use your sword. Then, the party’s not over….you go to the next room to whip up some more trouble --- for your enemies, that is.

In this next room, you find the door to the following room ‘locked’. To unlock it, you have to watch out that a spinning blade in the current room doesn’t come at you, cutting you to death. Collect all the silver rupees in the room. Once you do, the door will unlock. And once more, watch out for that giant spinning blade….it’s not your friend ; it is out to get you! 

Then you’ll walk right into your next death trap (oh boy!) in which some very high platforms may be seen. And on top of that, there’s Freezards on them. Ice Keese, by the way, are up in the air flying, too…..if they touch you, they can temporarily freeze you and, of course, make you lose health. These giant, freezing bats have to be shot down first ; and once that is done, take care of the Freezards on the platforms. Get to the Blue Fire.

Put some of that Blue Fire inside of your empty bottles. (Tell me you got empty bottles previously, at least one. You most likely did. But if not, go and get some….read any strategy guide to find where all of these are found in the game). Melt certain areas that are frozen. Get the treasure chest here.

Then, move along. Go back to the room with your best buddy, that glorious giant blade of death. Since you got so close to each other last, time, guess what? You get to do it again…..and remember, this is a ‘buddy’ that can kill you. Now, in this room, unleash some more stored Blue Fire from the bottle and see a new passageway opening up right before you, leading you Eastward this time. 

As you pursue, get the Compass and Heart Piece in the next area. How? I’ll let you figure that one out….you’re smart. You got it.

Then, you need to have two bottles filled up with that Blue Fire, once more, and you come to an Ice Block Puzzle sort of challenge, in which you need to use your ingenuity, speed and other resources to help move. You then fight a White Wolfos, which can actually die with just a single strike, at the right spot (in its back). That is all you need to do to kill it. 

Once it’s dead, it unleashes a treasure chest, and you then get to kick back and celebrate for a little bit. But before you do so, open that treasure chest up….and what do you uncover? Oh my!

It’s the Iron Boots! Yes. Now we can give our main character, Link, a whole new look and feel, in both fashion and action. These Iron Boots are what will help him sink to the bottom of any water surface level, respectively, and he’ll certainly need them when fighting it out at the Water Temple!  You have just beaten the Ice Cavern!!!!