The Extortionist - Escape from Tarkov

Author: Efrain S.

This level - 7 quest, known as the Extortionist, is the best part of the whole thing for me. I encourage you to check it out when you can and, most of all, save everything you find for when needed. That is one of the many tips to succeeding in the game of Escape from Tarkov. Skier, an NPC in this game, sends you on this special and unique quest ( and you can find him right on your Customs map, by the way, in case you could not recall ) . Skier, on this special quest, wants you to retrieve something very important and special, which is nothing less than a secured case full of crucial documents ( hmmm…. it gets more and more interesting as you find out more, here, so I won’t spoil too much, or at least I will try not to, he heh ) . Retrieve and bring back to Skier, and once you do this, you will basically get some XP, weapons, and yes, even cash ( no, not real money, he he he heh ) in return for all your hard work. So the mission is simple ( if, of course, you should choose to accept it…. as they say in all modern spy movies, he heh ) .

What kind of name is Skier, some have asked? It’s a cool one that reminds you of actually ski – ing, and hitting some snow slopes up in the mountains ( and I live close to the Rocky Mountains myself, so I definitely get that one, he he he he heh ) . But anyways, side humor aside…..

You are going to want to first go east on your map, using the bridge, and then go south to then run into that RUAF Roadblock, from which you will then find a dead body ( ew, gross ) just north of it. If dead bodies make you puke, or the thought of them alone does, then I’m sorry….get this part as fast as you can and then you won’t have to think about it anymore. Now, from here, this corpse will show as a “blue mark” on your map. Just note that.

Search the body for a key. Grab the key. Now, onwards…..

Now that that part is over, thankfully, find a green mark on the map to reveal a cabin, from which you will enter ( now that you have a new key ) and then find the case with files. Bring everything back to Skier. Simple, right?

If it were real life, though, I hope you are as much a germo – phobe as I am and have actually washed your key ( since you do know where it has been, eww ) . Or, even better, probably not approach and frisk a dead person for their possessions, he heh. Anyways, I hope this has helped. Thanks for tuning in, and have a sweet week!