Nintendo Switch Wall Mount

Author : Efrain Silva

So if you’ve asked the question of how you can get more value from your amazing Nintendo Switch, then know that you are not the sole “asker” of this question : Heh heh. “Asker”. Nice. All joking aside, ask and you’ll receive… that not how the old saying goes, anyways? And let me tell you, at the end of the day, that I DID ask and receive — I was able to find a great way, and some amazing products, to help me get the most of my favorite Switch games and play in my large room for hours (with friends or without, does not matter). Now let me share with you some insight…

The very first consideration I made was to get professional help and from someone who makes products just for mounting your Nintendo Switch, for instance….did you know such products and manufacturers even existed? In fact, they do, and that should make your day all the more merry as it did mine when I found out. Now, a great one, from a list of several different providers, is the Total Mount. Find it anywhere on eBay, Amazon, and even some third - party game shops.

Once you stick your Switch inside of it (like a baby kangaroo inside its mom’s pouch), you just have to mount it on the wall and the two will be right on your wall and ready to engage in some game play. Any kind of surface or texture, the Total Mount is prepared and ready to handle. That’s what so many gamers in many countries love about it. It’s a sturdy yet very light sort of product and won’t bring any part of your wall or its paint ‘down’ with the weight. It’s super light, indeed.

And not only that, but it’s even been made with its level, that comes included in the new version (can’t always say the same for the used, but depends) which helps you keep things nice and adjusted. Keep it even all around. You want to be able to look straight at your open screen and not have things tilt sideways, or slip a little, right? I know I do! So for even hanging, this is a great product.

And you can also, by the way, make the most of it through its docking / un - docking process, which is easier than apple pie (yum, I’m hungry now, guess I’ll have to have a slice when I sit down and play Breath of the Wild). And the mount, by the way, won’t give you any obstruction as you do this….how nice is that? We’re talking about care - free convenience in every way you can get it, folks!

But don’t stop at this product alone : There are so many other great wall mounts out there today (brand makers know how much gamers love to play in style and more comfortably, these days, many of them being parents of proud gamers themselves, he he heh). So check out many others online. Game time!