Sony VPL-VW695ES

Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

It’s a Sony - branded product (another one? Heh heh. Yes.). It’s a projector you can game with! Do I have your attention now? I thought so…. and you can buy it for all your high - end gaming adventures for only a hefty cost of $8,000 - $10,000, give or take (depending on condition, seller, taxes, financing options, etc.).

Why is it good for gaming?

Now the next question arises, and this is what we gamers all really want to know : Why is a good product for when I want to “game on”? Heh. Well, for starters, it is made by none other than Sony (who has made gaming consoles, movies, entertainment systems, and so much else). The name of the brand speaks for itself….it needs no other additional introduction.

Also, 4K HDR (once again, since it’s Sony, only the best) comes with your purchase of it. In dimensions and overall size, we are looking at no less than 19.5” x 8.09” x 18.25”, which is not bad. The product does weigh a little more than 37 lbs., but that can just mean that it’s packed and ready to roll (it packs a punch — so many capabilities all pre - loaded into a single box). And heck, if you want to save on dumb - bells and a gym membership, just lug this thing up and down both of your arms a few times….kidding. Kidding.

But in all seriousness, you get the best of 3- chip as well as setting storage here. And that is not all —- if you really want to shoot some apocalyptic zombies down in glorious fashion, then you need the big screen to get this done (where you can see all the gore, body parts dropping, flash - trigger shots and much more, heh heh), and what better way to get that than through 4096 x 2160 pixels as this offers? You also get 3 great imagers, built in, that are of the best in SXRD.

This simply means that the overall brightness will not just be mild (like your hot sauce, he he heh) but truly exceptional. And you will note it, in an instant, if you have eagle eyes like mine (able to spot literally anything in a second’s notice and from a reasonable distance, in this case a nearby projector screen, heh heh). You want some smooth motion as well, as you go through the gameplay and cutscenes? Well, motionflow is a setting the designers did not leave out, so you can jump up and down, now, knowing this fact….I did when I first found out, so there’s no shame if you wish to do the same.

Also, did I even tell you that the overall dynamic contrast sits at no less than —- wait for it —- 350,000:1? Well, I told you now! So if you have been passively sitting on the fence, wondering whether or not a purchase of this home gaming projector might be worth it, then sit on the fence no longer, for it is.