BenQ HT2050A

Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

This product is a game projector you can use when playing any sort of PC or console favorite. It’s a top - notch, state - of - the - art one that many people hold as their top pick. It’s made headlines in consumer electronics magazines and sites, IGN being one most notable ; the product is available for appx. $770 both online and in retailers selling it.

Why is it good for gaming?

It is such a nice choice for gaming on a whole scale of varied reasons, one being that it offers a nice 2,200 lumens and is also super easy to get set - up and installed ; it only takes a few minutes, as most online customers have reviewed. “Easy to install & maintain” was one of the most common comments seen online for this product, but that is not all that you should hear about it….in fact, to add further, did you know that its calibration potential, within checking for color accuracy alone, stands at 96% Rec. 709?

If all that does not blow your mind already, then listen to this: It can even be ceiling - mounted with the greatest of ease. Who does not want to watch a quality screen, as they play their game, that captures everything from a high angle and displays it perfectly onto its projection point? I know I sure do!

Plus, DLP is the tech that it runs by. DLP is super famous for having its projectors in movie cinemas all over the world and — get this — in movies that play top - notch IMAX 3D and IMAX Digital. Now that I think of it — and I am quite the techy nerd, so I know this — I believe I saw Star Wars : Rise of Skywalker in this quality and in no less than a projector of this caliber and size.

By the way, if you so happen to be wondering about the distance from the screen or visible projection with which you should set - up this item, think 8 inches (not too much more or less) as that has been the recommended distance. And guess what else? You can get a full, rich 300 inches of screen to look at with this product as that is its maximum screen length! Stretch out the image projection in your settings, and let the full screen blow up as you blow up your enemies in Counterstrike, Halo or Call of Duty. Get the picture?

This projector rocks! To be blunt, it does. It has even been noted, by so many site experts, as one of the top 10 projectors (when it comes to video - game experiences) in 2020!

You can even get things as well as 60 inches, on the other side of things, if you’re instead going for a small - screen gaming night experience by yourself. The possibilities really are so high! We could not count them all, so it is up to you to get creative and test the limits of what you can do with a projector like this. Have fun!