Epson Home Cinema 2150

Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

We’re talking “cinema projector” for turning every - day little moments into awesome capturings of true glory, especially for the unashamed gamer of today (like myself and you reading this). We’re talking native resolution potential of 1,920 x 1,080. We’re talking around $890, but let me share with you more on why money should not be an issue here….

Why is it good for gaming?

It’s good for gaming : Let us start there. The sky’s the limit with spending here. It will be worth your dimes and nickels, as some say, and can return some value for what you put down in buying. Now, first of all, this item uses a top - line HDMI hardware system of interface, which is what most modern projectors of quality now go with.

But not only that, you have to listen to this here —- it is both 3 - LCD and 3- chip, using the best modern tech there is. It is also Epson, a brand that I’ve only known for my entire life, and in the realm of screen projection (I think I even still have a few old Epson projectors sitting up in my attic somewhere, which still run perfectly fine if I were to turn them on, speaking to the superb quality and years of experience that the Epson brand holds, all in all).

Epson has been with us for years. It’s remarkable as a company in selling tons of projectors. I trust it with everything. Its projectors have not failed me.

The wattage here on this product is something you will have to pinch yourself to actually believe (when you hear it) : 10 watts. That’s it. Poof. So I guess we’re talking about something that does not suck out life from your power source or deplete your energy bill (which is good if you plan to play for many hours with no stopping). The wireless screen mirroring on this is also top - notch, no less than great.

Think multi - player here, and you will quickly get the jist of all you can do, based on all I’ve said up to now. But there’s more goodies —- you get 2,500 lumen, which is a great luminous flux range to be in. You get great sound, superb picture color & range, and a nice, white box sitting on the roof or wherever you put it, that doesn’t take up nearly any room. How can you beat that?

1080p picture (and even wide - screen picture) is also a part of this whole thing, if you really want to make the most of it. Why not? That’s what you’re paying thousands for, right? I know I make the most of everything myself. So, at the end of the day, if you’ve budgeted yourself, and you’re down to spending just a little under $1,000, get this product in your shopping cart and check out as soon as possible —- do not let another customer beat you to it first, friend!