Nintendo Switch Car Accessories

Author : Efrain Silva

See what your budget is, what kind of car back seat area you have, and all other factors to consider. Amazon is a great place to explore! And when we’re talking car accessories, be they for back seat fun or even front seat shotgun glory, the Nintendo Switch is one product that comes to my mind….as I have had endless hours of fun, both as driver and as rider, through many of its compatible car accessories. So let’s talk about some, shall we? I know you’re in for a treat, so don’t stop reading!

Now, to get these great toys, places like Radio Shack used to be a great spot. It’s too bad they closed. But you can also now go to Car Toys (yes, a better way to go, indeed, as the slogan goes). You can also, of course, order anywhere online. Oh, I love Amazon!

Anyways, one of the products I have come to like the most, and which has been so darn cheap but useful (only like $14, depending where you go for it), would be none other than the Orzly Carry Case. Look it up online : It is worth looking at. Its exterior is very strong, made with an EVA shell like no other….so if you should drop it by accident (oopsie), it will still protect the Switch that’s resting inside. You did pay a lot of money for that Switch, so why not prevent the worst from happening, in the first place, am I right?

But wait…it gets even better…my friend —- the inside of this case is actually, on the other hand, quite soft. This also protects your Switch in another way, ensuring that it doesn’t easily scratch up if it happens to wiggle a little or bump around lightly while it’s inside (even if you’re moving really fast). So it kills two birds with a single stone!

You can also get a high - speed car charger like what HORI sells : HORI makes a charger just for the Nintendo Switch and your car! How cool is that? And it only costs around $18, so that makes it even better. By the way, Nintendo has even taken upon itself the task of officially licensing this product, so you should have no major problems of any kind!

Speaking of HORI, they’ve also got the HORI Switch Compact PlayStand. And guess what? It’s under $15!!!! Talk about a deal.

At about $13, this product gives you a solid ROI on what you pay and is likewise worth the mention as a superb auto accessory for your Switch. It holds your Switch up as you play, so you can give those hands a bit of break and just focus more on hitting those buttons and engaging your game! Did you know you can even use this product as you charge? Yup, charge the Switch while not missing out on some quality gaming time…game on! It’s time for some Nintendo Switch fun, my friend!