How do You Hit Combos in Brawlhalla?

Author : Efrain Silva

We come to the Brawlhalla question of the hour, one which no longer needs to linger in your mind because I am now going to illuminate you….how do you hit those combos? I’m glad you asked. Let’s talk….

Know, first of all, that there are many different combos that can come to your aid in the heat of battle —- master the best of them. One of my favorites, and some will agree while others may not, is the Katar Combo and you can do some of these at different points in the game. Now, then, combos are also categorized, as you might have already just noticed, and they are split apart into so many different sections (some even hold their favorite combos lists and write about them online as well). Indeed, you have got combos for your characters when unarmed, combos for using with your sword, hammer, spear, rocket lance, axe, gun and even a bonus combo that is different from all these. So yes, the Katar combos are some of my favorites but I don’t want you to think they are the only ones this game really has to offer.

You’ve got combos for your bows, too, not to mention your blasters. And the developers hope to add to that list. It keeps growing. Word has it that gauntlet combos are coming soon, as well….oh, boy!

Did you also know the best way to get really superb, as a player, is to practice these very combos when you are only in training mode? Yup. You can do so. If you weren’t sure, know that it’s unrestrictedly permitted to practice those combos there and get really skilled!

Now, going back to Katar combos, since they are my favorite….I will say this : To engage such a combo, use the side light, first of all. And then you’ll see that, as a natural light, you’ll move forward and stun your adversaries ; but do not stop there. Follow that right up with neutral light so as to see your character using a bunch of small stroke movements and knock all enemies forward right up into the air. Ha!

Don’t stop — follow that previous step right up with a down light so as to hit upward and smack your opponents while they are still in mid - air. Jump up straight after them and then do some neutral light, as a follow - up to that, which will really whack those opponents further from you (by means of that awesome blade you hold).Get those combos just right by timing them perfectly, and the more you play this game, the better your reflexes should get (as with any other video game).

These combos may all be a bit hard to master when you are first starting. But you will get the hang of it, and I have great faith in you. One light move after another, perfect synchrony of timing, and perfect position of your enemy (as you place them where you want them), and bam!