Risk of Rain 2 - Acrid

Author : Efrain S. Acrid is a creature, so in this case ( unlike with other beasts in other games I have reviewed, he he he he heh ) , I will not refer to it as a him or her. It is just an “it”. Yet, is stealthy and quiet, a truly sneaky beast for the ninja in you. There is a ninja in all of us, he he he heh…. it’s just a matter of time before he or she comes out and prepares a sneak attack!

This beast is the hardest survivor you could ever possibly unlock, so take note, while playing Risk of Rain 2. First off, you want to get access to the Null Portal through the Bazaar Between Worlds ( no — I did not come up with these sick names, but I wish I did…. because if I did, I would be making ‘bank’ right now ) . Get close the stataed bazaar but don’t get inside…. look just under it to where you can see a circled platform ( with your camera, of course ) . Drop straight down onto that platform ( may take more than one try, depending on how skilled and accurate you might be ) and turn your camera down – ward, from which you can then look for an area that is slightly lighted green.

Jump to that platform. Get to the tunnel. You’ll find the Null Portal ( in purple color ) right there as you progress. Go in the portal. Then you’ll find yourself in the Void Fields, which you will have to beat your way through, like a true champ. My faith rests in you….

To get through and make it out alive, you have to activate the cell vents around you ( all 9 of them, to be exact ) . Every time you open up a vent, though, enemies will come out of it, and you have to slay each and every one of them with no pity or remorse…remember to show no mercy and act fast. These enemies will take on random powers that they can actually absorb from the items around them —- interesting concept to throw in a game. I admire it…. good ideas from the creative team here, he heh.

Once you have beaten your way through a cell vent and seek to look for the next one, know that a purple beam will show you where that next vent is. It’s a bright, purple light beam and is hard to miss, once you are close enough within sight of it. After finishing through that 9th and final cell vent, you’ll then get an achievement by the name of ( he he heh ) “To Be Left Alone”, which gives you Acrid. Mission accomplished.

The true question is — can you make it through? I hope so. Test your gaming skills here, and your persistence. I reaffirm my belief in you.