Razer eGPUs - Why you need one and which one to pick

Author : Efrain Silva

First of all, if you don’t know what one of these is or have never heard the term come across your ears, it stands for External Graphics Processing Unit. It is mostly like what it sounds when you first hear the name : It basically just involves setting up an external graphics card (for your basic laptop, for example) by means of only one cable….which, in turn, ought to (if it does its job properly) take a bunch of stress off the GPU inside. The laptop will be grateful for that. This ‘stress’ or ‘load’ will instead go straight to the more powerful extension. And believe me, it does help. It’s like hiring another internal worker to help your laptop do its job, or something like that, he heh….it works from the inside and takes some of the load off, making things more bearable, all in all.

If you are wondering which eGPU to pick when playing Razer, among so many, might I suggest taking a look at the Thunderbolt 3 which is known by many to have the very best USB - C delivery overall? It offers up to 40 Gbps in speed, which is much more than many other eGPUs can do, give or take, and it also gives you more pixel coverage than several competitors, too. For instance, it works well with two 4K TVs, in relative comparison. It offers a ton of power, as well, such as a max of 700 W.

Did you also know that it can engage a whole bunch of protocols such as what PCI Express and Display Port are best known for? The idea, to further add, is to likewise be able to offer each gamer a longer battery life (such as when he or she plays their favorite mobile games for longer periods and at higher battery - percent usage settings). Hot plug - surprise removal, an issue for many, should also be resolved through having the right eGPU.

To add another great pick I fully and heartily approve of, Razer’s Core X Chroma is also a terrific choice as an eGPU. And get this — it’s got a full power supply of 700 W max already built - in and ready to rock. The RGB chassis lighting with it is fully customizable, as well, so how can it get any better? For an external graphics card provider - solution, this would be a great one to look at….and it’s even got up to 3 slots for your graphics cards.

And a third great choice I’ve picked out for you would be this one: HERE Check it out when you get some time. It’s worth a decent look as well.

So with all that said, Razer, here we come! It’s time for you to look closer at getting a good eGPU like any of these I talked about. I mulled over them and you should too! Save the money needed and make it happen… thanks for reading, guys!