Stranded Deep: Clay

Author : Efrain S.
I thank you for reading and wish you a very pleasant day ( or night ) wherever you may find yourself, first of all….and hope you can stick around. Because this time, I am going to show you a bit you might want to know on how to find the clay in this game….how to get clay. So please read on!

So first of all, clay is a super essential go - to item in this game and with it, you can make all sorts of cool stuff in the form of bricks, water bottles and more ( 2 very crucial things to be had in the way of survival, not to mention ) . You can mine for clay in this game, but before you are even able to do so, you ought to know that you can’t unless you have crafted yourself a nice little pick – axe. So start with that, and you will use such a tool to then pick those rocks and get clay ( get it off of clay rocks, of course ) but let me break it down further….

So what you are going to need to do is to dive in water because that is where clay rocks actually spawn from in the game and not too far from the shore – line, thankfully. Look for those huge boulders than, once you get closer to them, actually seem to get high – lighted so they are really, really hard to miss, he heh. Hit the rock just a few times ( pick – axe time….he he he heh ) and you can then easily pick up the clay pieces that scatter around it. Just a side note —- do not ever waste your time looking for these clay rocks over in dry areas as they only, ALWAYS spawn just under the surface of the water. Just a quick tip for ya.

And if you happen to need help crafting a nice pick – axe, by the way, here is some free advice to add : Get a stick, 2 stone tools and, of course, two bits of leather ( 2 x leather, he heh ) . You are going to need to collect these in order to craft what is known in the game as the Refined Pick, probably the best type of pick – axe you can ever get in Stranded Deep, to be honest. No joke. And by the way, did you know that, with your new – found clay, you can make all sorts of other things like fuel, a furnace and even a brick station? Yup it’s true — so have some fun and remember to take a break from time to time to let your eyes rest.

For a brick station, for instance, just put together 3x clay and 3x planks and you are good to go. There are countless things you can collect and save in this game, which is the most fun part.