Author : Efrain S.

When it comes to beating Odogaron, in Monster Hunt World, you’ve got a good challenge ahead of you and I applaud for trying to take it on : This beast is actually known as the Fanged Wyvern for a reason, a name as deadly and potent as it sounds. He’s difficult to hunt and looks quite dreadful, all in all, so do not take this challenge on a light whim. If you are ready, read on down this page for some insight….

First of all, you’ll face this beast during the quest known none other than as Scratching the Itch ( he he heh ) but if you want to hunt him down and kill him first, then try what I am about to tell you. Look around the Coral Highlands and the Rotten Vale ( here, mainly in section 11, or 8 / 9 as well ) . Remember that, while you are in here, acid and gas clouds can hurt you and more than cause a simple dent in your armor, so be watchful all the time. Be careful and alert.

You’ll find some coral eggs while you are out and about in the Coral Highlands, and the main problem with these little, cute – looking ( awww ) eggs is that they attract certain predators…. predators, like, per say ( you guessed it ) , our friend, Odogaron. And while you are hunting around here for him, watch out for Legiana, Rathian and also Kirin, who are also hunting around and are a very deadly kill ( not to mention your enemies in this game, too ) . Ice and thunder, by the way, are two of Odogaron’s central weaknesses, so write that down if you must ( or if memory still serves, jot it down in that old noggin, he heh ) . His claws are quite huge, which is why he does so much damage when he hits you with them, so stay clear of his claw swipes and such. Your player will bleed as well…. you have been warned.

Now, also note the fact that hitting him with some arrows from that lovely bow of yours, from a reasonable distance, is a good way to go…. as is hitting him with your charge blade, chopping him up nicely. Hit him in the sides. Also, did he know that he is, in fact, quite vulnerable to the Paralysis effect? It’s true. Try it.

Once you use that on him, go for his head. Aim for his front claws, as well. SHOW no mercy. If you happen to get behind him, go for his tail ( yes, you can actually severe it, as well ) . Remember speed and distance, like I mentioned, and avoid every single charge he makes at you, as best you can, and then when you see him start getting limp, you know his end is near. Finish the job. And then, get yourself a nice drink!