Outer Worlds Mods

Author : Efrain S.

If you want to get far higher power levels in the game of Outer Worlds, all in all, then mods are the way to do it, I must say. Have you tried mods yet? If not, boy, are you missing out!

Now then, first off, mods are basically like additional accessories or sort of add – ons, if you prefer to call them that, which change the properties of your armor, enhance some of your skills, and all in all, help you out in some truly tremendous ways. So why not use them more, right? Why not find them and access them?

Firstly, if you are using ranged weapons, know that you can get 3 kinds of mods in motion with these, and those are barrel mods, sight mods or magazine mods, of course. These weapons will show you different slots or openings by which you can attach those mods to them, which is not hard at all to do. Your player does them as you get the mods and choose to equip them, of course. Certain weapons, on the other hand, will NOT be able to attach certain mods to them as is to be expected. For instance, certain weapons won’t allow for a barrel mod while others will ( yet at the same time, will not allow for a sight mod, etc ) .

If you happen to get your player’s hands on some melee weapons, then you are in some luck as well —- you can use mods with these, too. Attack and grip are the two mods for this. And for armor itself, you can get 4 basic types of mods to use here…… these are the skill kit, the gadget, the armoring, and the utility, all in all. Remember that, once more, with armor and melee weapons ( just like as mentioned with basic weapons ) , certain mods won’t work on certain types…. so you have to try and see, and cross your fingers as you do so, hoping for the best. But I believe in you, gamer, and things will work out.

Workbenches, in this game, are the right places to install those mods, in case you were wondering where you can be able to do so. There will always be a workbench on your own ship, of course ( if you have not figured that one out already, he he he heh hehh ) . Find it right in the cargo bay of the Unreliable ( interesting name for a ship, is it not? ) . After getting to a workbench, just move it right on over to Modify and select what you would like to modify, and then select the mods that can fit into it and are actually compatible with it.

One of my fave barrel mods in this game ( as I like to say, “fave”, meaning favorite ) is the Whisper Quiet Muzzler, which reduces all firing noise by over 66 % …..