Halo 5 How to Get Helioskrill

Author : Efrain Silva

The Helioskrill, for those of you who are not sure of what it might refer to, is no less than a special armor you can unlock in this game. What a cool name for armor, right? It’s name kicks butt and seems to be well - remembered. It’s such a sick, awesome - name altogether….Helioskrill!!!!

This special kind of armor has been Sanghelli - designed and approved, with you in mind. It can withstand the true heat of battle, bloody combat at its worst ; it is made with the true heart of a warrior in mind as some have stated.

One way to get such armor unlocked is to simply pick up the REQ pack of your choice and hope that this armor has been included with it. Another thing you can opt - in to do, instead (if and only if you were playing this like any prior Halo game, but why torture yourself for no good reason?), is play all the way through (and properly beat, of course) the first four Halo games but not just on any campaign difficulty level…you have to make it alive through Legendary. To add, the Halo: Master Chief Collection has to be beaten on “Legend” for you to advance any further in getting this armor. Some of us know how hard this might be, but the challenge is accepted!

BUT like I said, that’s usually the long and hard approach to get this armor. Yet it’s not the only option in this game, and thank God for that. After going through a few REQ gold, or even silver, packs, like this first approach mentioned, you will eventually get lucky enough to get this armor. Such has been the case for many. I really, deeply, truly appreciate that about Halo 5…..

But all in all, when I think about this long and hard approach I mentioned, it often makes me want to bring a nice cup of lemonade to my table, next to my chair and stand where I sit and play Halo from, and just forget this endeavor….and aim to get some armor that is way easier, such as the Nightfall armor. Heck, to get that armor, all you have to do is watch all 5 Nightfall episodes. How easy is that?

If you REALLY want to make yourself work for it, then go with that second option for unlocking this armor. But know that it will take you many hours of gameplay through all 4 games before you see that armor. Yet some do it for the mere thrill of it all and find the challenge both rewarding and testing of their best skills. And isn’t that what true gaming is all about?!

We hope reading this has enlightened you in some way in your pursuit of that fine Helioskrill armor. And remember to share this with friends! The more people that know, the better. Halo 5 Helioskrill armor, you are on the wish list of many gamers…..you will be acquired soon, by many…..