Fire Emblem Fates Boon and Bane

Author : Efrain S.

If you are careful on your boon and bane stats in this special game, then all the more luck to you as I reveal a bit more that might help….

So first off, for boon…..

So there are a few key traits that can change your overall stats, the first being boon, of course. If you want to level – up way faster, then, all in all, boon is a must – have. Higher base stats and all, this is the way to go. And with that said, you will want to keep clearly in mind that a trait (* and not an actual stat, mind you ) is how this type of ‘boon’ gets labeled or described in the game, though the developers and creators do not seem to have specifically disclosed as to why that is… so let the mystery remain, I guess. This is, on a side note, much different from how things are in Fire Emblem: Awakening, per say, but each game is its own unique creation, of course.

Anyways, some of the boons worth mentioning are the Lucky, Calm, Sturdy, Clever, Robust and Deft. Lucky, for one, will increase your overall hit rate as well as your ability to evade, not to mention your enemies’ critical hit rate also gets lowered. So you are super covered. I like this one as my fave!

BUT my 2nd fave one is Calm and that is simply due to the fact that it lowers the damage your character can take when magic is used by the enemy. Neat, right? Yup, I concur….

Sturdy is nice just because it gives you a much stronger defense, all in all, and lowers any kind of damage you might take in ; while Clever is all about magic and thus lets you do more damage when you use it. And, of course, Robust is great for making your character more “robust”, he heh, through health points…. in other words, it just raises your health, which is never a thing you can have too much of at any time. Better safe than sorry, we say.

Deft itself —- this one, now, gives you a super edge ( as I like to call it ) on your offensive, all in all. Your critical hit rate, regular hit rate, and even your chance of activation, all get a massive up – lift with this one. Check it out. Major damage.

As for bane, this is your 2nd trait that can alter stats in the game and should not be taken lightly either. It affects all stats least likely to level up on points and the lowest – base stats. With bane, you will want to remember these : Dull, Fragile, Slow, Unlucky, and a few others more. These first 4 are worth mentioning in a future blog, perhaps, as there is so much more material I can cover on them. But for now, thank you for reading….