How to Unlock Characters in Brawlhalla

Author : Efrain Silva

First of all, some of you on this gaming blog might even be wondering what the heck this game even is? It’s a fighting game but much more. The last player standing wins. So you have to fight hard and have fun! Does that not sound like a challenge?

So how do you unlock characters here in this game?

Yes, someone is asking this question! Ha ha. I am the expert to answer it, so read what I have to say…

There is a simple way to unlock some great characters in this game, and what you want to do to make that happen is to simply earn enough coins. You can, as another option, buy more coins, as needed, right through the game’s store. I prefer to earn them, like a hard, proven champ, but the method you choose is entirely up to you!

There is the option to complete the challenges in the game as a means to earn these coins, and there are different challenges that will sneak up on you here and there. Can you rise above them and come out on top? We’ll see.

Now, in addition, I did forget to mention a very valuable piece of information and this counts as a ‘freebie’ to getting more coins — you simply log in every single day and get a few extra coins that way as well. Very important. This is, of course, a true challenge for the most dedicated gamers out there who wish to earn some coins a little faster. But no pressure…

If, however, you absolutely can’t wait and must have every single character in your possession as of “right freaking now”, then you will like this option I am about to show you : Just simply go to the Steam Store. Buy the All Legends Pack itself. This unlocks all present and future characters for you as well! Talk about getting ahead and staying ahead, he he heh…

If, on the other hand, you wish to unlock every single character in this game the old - fashioned way and not have to put down so much as a single penny, then note that it is do - able but will, in fact, take many, many hours, depending on how much skill you pick up and how tireless you really are in this endeavor. Some have noted their play - time to have been a little under 300 - 500 hours, give or take, of course.

In terms of earning gold, keep in mind that the average rate tends to stand at 10 per minute. So keep that in mind, too. You might also consider adding friends in this game, which it certainly lets you do and can help you achieve at least some goals a little faster ; just do it through your Steam account. You can even invite those you meet in - game after any match and do it that way. There are so many great ways! We hope this has helped you.