How to Get Good at Brawlhalla

Author : Efrain Silva

Have you heard of pre - matching? I know you’ve definitely heard of post - matching, at some point or another. Well, friend, the concept here is a similar one but reversed entirely. To put it simply, pre - matching, when playing in a video game (as opposed to how the term is used when in a kung fu tournament, a duel of swords, a card game, or anything else), simply involves the same thing —- testing the waters before jumping in and swimming. In other words, you go into the game’s training mode, in this case, and do some training before beginning your official campaign in the game. THAT is where you can REALLY test the waters and feel things out for yourself.

Once you are familiarized just a bit more, try out the characters briefly and pick a single ONE you are most comfortable with using. Then, stick with that single character like your life depends on it (and, oh, believe me, in this game, it does….so make it count, friend). It does not help your game, your skills or even your focus and devotion if you are (as I was once) constantly changing out characters. Just think about it (and promise me you will).

Also learn your basic combos and master them, and learn your every input as well. There’s light attacks and heavy attacks, for instance — practice using some of these and seeing for yourself where they play out best. Remember that every move you make, even the bad ones, should serve as a lesson for future encounters.

To further add, Ranked is overused in this particular game, and anyone who has played it will agree with me — do not make the mistake of following the crowd and getting on the bandwagon here, so to speak. Be unique. Do not start off going DIRECTLY into it (yes, many FLOCK straight to Ranked).

Anything else to consider? Yes there is. So there’s a few other key points you ought to ponder….

And to add, I will say this — you need coinage in this game to get ahead (and you can’t always get “good” without paying, at some point or another). You can either pay your own money upfront to unlock as much as you want, and thus get ahead in the game (and technically be “better” at Brawlhalla, overall). You can also work hard and earn coins, bit by bit, making you better and more advanced the harder way. It’s your choice.

You can also log in daily as this gets you some coins, too. Did you know that? It’s an easy way to get coins and only really takes a couple of minutes out of your day, so how bad can it be then, right? Plus, they say practice makes perfect, and this is the perfect example of that expression in action —- practice a little bit each day, as you login daily, even if just for a few minutes, and you’ll find yourself hopefully getting ‘crazy good’, but it does not always happen over - night. Just know that, then, and keep plugging away.