PC Gaming Projector vs Monitor

Author : Efrain Silva

So you might be one of those gamers who has tried both approaches and still scratched his head in indecision as to which one to stick to — both have their pros and cons, of course. But the first thing you ought to stop and consider is the fact that, if you want a truly immersive, mind - blowing cinema - like sort of experience, one in which the popcorn and the big screen, and that perfect home theatre sound, fill your evening….then the gaming projector is the way of choice. It is the one I have most often elected for, and even especially when I sit down with friends and get into a multi - player race or rumble — we all like to share that big screen if we can and get down to business!

And to get a nice, large image on the screen, which looks good and about as real as it gets, you can opt for something short - throw and not let anyone tell you that you need a long - throw projector. In fact, just put the projector close to the wall where the image will show and let it work its magic on your eyes, heh heh. Short - throw projection, with short distance between wall and projection target, is the way to go, as I see it, at least. But that is not all. You want to make sure that, on this same note, you follow the user guide and manufacturer’s recommendations based on the projector you have ; for instance, if you’ve got one with 87 - inches of projection (or that being the setting you’ve chosen, at least), then it would not be a bad idea, friend, to just get the projector about 5 - 6 feet away (but not too much more further) from the projected surface, be it a wall, a drape, etc.

However, if you have a high - quality monitor, instead, like a luxury Sony TV monitor of $3,000 or more, then you can’t beat it in terms of 4K and color projection (unless, perhaps, you choose to buy a super fancy projector with the best pixel quality and adjustable - ratio & contrast color specs, of course). Yet monitors are MADE for quality image projection and viewing. Projectors, even some at their very best, often fall short of this endeavor as the original, exact - replica image in video (and even audio quality, too) is not the original once it passes its short - throw and projects onto the wall. But when you watch your game and its cut scenes straight from a TV (or even PC, for that matter) monitor, you get the original image and sound, unperturbed (something which has not traveled through to a projector screen).

So as you can see, both a projector and a monitor, when gaming, can have pros and cons. It depends on what you want. What are you going for when you play : A bigger screen with more eye - space, as they call it…..or a more original - looking,often clearer one?