Nintendo Switch How to Export Screenshots

Author : Efrain Silva Remember those old days when the Gameboy Camera was out, in its faded black - and - white glory (gosh, I am old just for remembering that, heh heh heh)? You had to buy a printer for it, it didn’t come in color, it was a noisome pain to just take a decent - quality shot and then wait for it to slowly print out (if it got the image right, or else you would have to try again). Nope, those days are over, thanks to modern tech! And I LOVE the fact that the Nintendo Switch has far greater graphics, audio and video capabilities, RAM hardware and so much more! So forget those old days….are you trying to capture that perfect moment in 2020 and now export it? It can be done with so much more ease than you ever could with a Gameboy Camera back in 2000! He heh.

The first thing you will want to have with you, after capturing these precious moments, is to have a MicroSD card as well as a reader for it, both of which you can get just about anywhere for less than $20. With the SD card reader, by the way, you will need to have an adapter that can actually work with the other device to which you’ll be moving these image files. It can be a camera, your computer, etc. Just Google this online to see which can adapt just right to your needs.

If you have a more modern MAC or DELL computer, then you could consider yourself lucky as the great majority of these, now a days, come with their own in - built SD card reader. But, of course, having a MICRO - SD - to SD adapter would not hurt. It all depends. Maybe you already have one lying around…

Also keep in mind that you will need to already have a Micro - SD card inside your Nintendo Switch if you want to ever be able to take and save those images. Perhaps yours came with one. Be safe and check. If so, you’re good to go, on that end….just note that all pictures you take with this device will automatically save themselves in the JPEG format, very important to remember.

Want to pull out that Micro - SD card from your Switch? Look for the back - left kickstand on the device and pull the card from there. Of course, your Switch should be turned off first, and all data saved. When pulling the images to the next transferred device, look for “\Nintendo\Album” as that is what it automatically saves them as. Also check the operating system of the device you are copying to, from which you can easily rename the album, edit the photos with certain software, and much more. The options for exporting those photos are endless.

We hope this has helped. Have fun moving those moments over! Every special image you’ve captured is a rare and beautiful moment in time…..why not share it with the world?