Fallout 76 Screw Farm

Author : Efrain S.

So to break it down for you, there are 3 basic ways that you can do this, my good reader : The first and foremost would be to just go to the Charleston Fire Department vendor and simply buy them for caps. But wait…. you can also loot around a bit and actually just break down some items around you, hoping that they may contain screws inside ( reminds me of breaking open pots and cutting free grass in the Legend of Zelda games, where Hyrule is basically an open – field arena and you can find rupees, arrows, hearts and more this way, he he he heh ) . And the 3rd way to get screws here, and one of the most fun ways, perhaps even more fun than that 2nd method I just mentioned ( wait for it…. here it comes…. ) is to KILL SOME ENEMIES IN THE GAME. Fun, right?

Once you kill off some foes, for good, sometimes their dead bodies drop screws in addition to other things ( just like, once more, moblins or goblins would in the Legend of Zelda series games, he heh…. classic ) . Now, keep in mind that some really good screw – finding locations in this game are actually The Sugar Grove and The National Radio Research Center. There are so many darn desk fans and globes there as well, so a heads up! If you break down those two items, in addition to type – writers ( it pains me to say this, quite literally, since I am a copy – writer myself and love to honor my craft and the original type – writers everywhere, he heh…. but thankfully, it is just a game so I won’t cry too hard about it ) . If you break a toy car apart, as well, you can get a single screw from it, at most…. so keep that in mind but as an alternative option, of course, so you can’t get multiple screws out of a small, simple toy car.

The best part is this — these 4 basic items I have mentioned can actually be found pretty much anywhere in the game ; look all over your map, in fact, for where you want to go and just pick a spot and go there. It’s all open territory. It’s like a large, rich Hyrule ( and there I go with my Zelda references once more, ha hah…. guess a true Nintendo fan just can not help himself sometimes, but who can blame me, after all? Pretty good series of games ) .

Another rich screw – spot ( sounds weird or like a whole different meaning when you say it out – loud, so don’t, he he he he heh ) would be that of none other than The Whitespring Bunker, so stop by there as well. Have fun. Make all the moments count!