Anker Nebula Capsule II

Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

No, it’s not a nebula capsule, silly, like those in sci - fi movies and books. But it can bring one to life for you….how? Well, by projecting one onto the big screen, of course!

It’s a projector. And yes — it is for gaming, if you wondered. I know I wondered, at first, since this was what I would most be using it for….and I love it. I paid the full $580, at one point, to have it in my room while I play Zelda and some of my other classic favorites. It has much potential as a gaming projector, let me assure you of that…..

Why is it good for gaming?

First of all, it’s got some of the most immersive audio you can ever imagine, and you have to try it out in your living room to really know what I mean here. I played Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword one time recently, with this projector built - into my living room (using the projector on a trial basis, to see if it would satisfy me and get a good review, in my honest opinion, of which it has not disappointed me), and I was transported to another world itself.

To give you a little bit more background, I was fighting Desire, the final villain of the game (just another cheap form of ripping of Gannon, once more, but in a way that was new and newly loved by fans like me). And I have to tell you : The bright image resolution was superb, as the colors of Desire’s bright, red flames came alive on the screen, as did the sound of his evil laugh and the color of the bright - blue sky reflecting on the ground (not to mention the visually appealing, bright blue color that protruded from my Skyward Sword when it was in action). I was, to say the least, mesmerized ; that is why I can safely say this projector is for gaming, a one - up in the world of quality big - screen gaming battles, all in all.

No disappointments here. And how can there be, anyways, when you’ve got pulse - pounding transducers that make the action and sound truly work in sync and come alive on the screen in perfect timing, making every minimal hair on the back of your head stand up in awe (or fear, you pick)? These are of Scan - Speak tech, and they’re as premium as they get. We’re not talking of anything of low quality in a home product like this one. And what’s more is you get a nicely viewable image of max 100 inches (plenty of space to look at, in my opinion, though certain online multi - player gamers have said they’d ideally like a little more space, such as 300 inches, but for me, that’s too much too look at and too little time, plus too much moving my head around all over the place, he he heh). Buy!