Optoma UHD50X

Author : Efrain Silva

What is it?

It’s a gaming projector, of course! It’s a top - rated product by many experts in the entertainment - tech world today. It costs appx. $1,400 new!

Why is it good for gaming?

Now, this one deserves some praise in the mere fact that it gets up at 3,400 lumens and 240 W in power, not to mention it’s got great HD offered. Experience the full experience with the full HD from this one.

But wait….we’re not done here….it also currently ranks as one of the best projectors alive and well today, and perhaps that is because it only weighs 8.6 lbs. & is extremely portable and flexible for wherever you’d like to try and place it / move it around for those fun gaming nights with friends (or even solo). You get a decent 16 ms response time with this one and even keystone correction for when you are super picky about having just the right view / angle on that large screen (as I am, he heh) for…..you know….sniping those friends or landing that perfect kill - shot bonus on any multi - player shooter game. And you can also shift the lens around, and even zoom in, to make your experience all the more worth it.

And if you engage the full HDR and 60Hz visual offered, you can even bump that response time up a tad….to a full 25 ms. How cool is that, folks? I always say life is short —- so why not make the tad - bit most of it while you can? I, as a gamer, have always believed it’s worth playing my best. And also, by the way, having a projector like this one in place has helped my game play in so many ways…

The Optima brand, all in all, nailed it when it came to making a solid gaming projector, in my opinion. This one’s a keeper and worth every penny you put into getting it. Side note : I might add that, since you’re going to spend over 1K on it, you should go all in & protect this item with a good warranty on it, and replacement insurance (which Amazon or Best Buy or other retailers can offer). To add, you get a very high - contrast ratio here with this one, sitting at 500,000:1. This is all thanks to a modern technology known as none other than Dynamic Black.

This product is also super easy & flexible to install, which most of us dread doing, at first, heh heh (we all just want to cut right to it and start gaming, right?). Install it in no time. Did I mention you get over 8 million different pixels on this, all of which can be seen on screen and are fully addressable. If you don’t believe, check out the product on Amazon itself! Just Google its name in, and you will see what all the hype is about. I’m not alone here!