Fatal Bullet True Ending

Author : Efrain S.

Hello, guys.

I will talk to you on how to get to the truly epic, insanely – good, mouth watering ending….yeah, there is one, in case you did not hear about it. And it is well – worth getting to ( and escaping all the bad endings, he he he he heh ) .

I want you to notice that will take a bit of work and is not for the faint – of – heart / faint – of – mind sort of gamer as we like to say but rather for those who plan ahead and truly wish to unlock everything in their game —- those truly desperate for the best of their game, all in all, as I am sure you are ( which is why I think you are reading, since you are that kind of gamer, just like I am, ha hah ) . Now what I am about to share is all best done before NG + mode so keep that in mind as your first point of reference here, in addition to doing it all ( every single step ) before SBC Flügel’s final area.

Now, then, on to it —- first off, get at least 75 % on affection level 4 with certain characters : Bazalt Joe, of course, then Itzuki, as well as Zeliska and Afasys ( not to mention Kureha as well ) . You must also then unlock Sword Art Online players like Rain, Philia, Asuna, Kirito, Sinon, and such similar ones….

Do it before completing the Mother Claudia quest. As for the Afasys Amulet, you want to get this charm before you clear Kirito Mode. In addition, to help you unlock that true ending, it is also important to make sure ( and even go in and double – check for yourself, or check multiple free online side quest strategy guides as I have safely done, he he he he heh ) that you have truly completed each and every single side quest adventure in the game, not missing a single one or passing it by. This can take some time, as I said, but it is worth it if you want a fully – beaten / fully – unlocked and completed game, all in all. Do not forget the side quests that involve you making certain outfits for certain characters, which I think is not actually tedious as some do…. but can actually be a bit of fun if you really make it so. Make it fun!

So, you get every affection level for every player, saw every cut scene, got your Amulet handy, have fought down that final boss and evaded that terrible hyper – beam. Now, stop his sphere attack and you will see the fight changing. You’ll notice the quest is no longer Dead All but Fatal Bullet after you’ve properly equipped that nerve gear, as well, so good job. You did it.

Thanks for reading here and stay tuned for more to come.